Sunday, December 6, 2015


This year we spent Thanksgiving in Park City at my Aunt Lisa's condo there. My parents and Janae and Tanner flew in and all my Logan siblings met us there so it was really fun having so many of us together! We ate lots of good food, went sledding (well, not me :), ate at lots of good restaurants, saw The Good Dinosaur and went to the Utah State vs. BYU football game in Logan. 
Holy cow- it was COLD at the game!!!!!! We dressed pretty warmly but man, my feet were bricks of ice!!! TJ and I lasted the first half and then I was DONE! My feet were killing me! We went and got the car, warmed up in it and got hot chocolate until the rest of my family was done as well :) By the time we left it was 19 degrees out. It was a good thing the boys stayed home with a baby sitter.
We also went bowling with Kenny's family, visited the USU sheep farm and vet school, had a sleep over at Jessie and Sterling's and watched Elf. It was a great holiday weekend even though my back pain had stepped up a notch and was pretty bad. Thanksgiving night was probably the worst night I've had so far and just basically laid on the floor trying to find relief :) This will all be over so soon and I can start living like a normal person!! :) It will all be worth it. 

Ty absolutely LOVED bowling!!! I was pretty surprised by how much- he was so into it and after a while, didn't want the bumpers to come up. He would jump up and down in anticipation of watching his ball roll down and do a dance when he'd knock pins over. 

The boys were watching so intently when my mom was teaching them about the malpositions of foal birthing, haha. They kept looking at me weirdly after that ;)

These boys LOVE their aunts and uncles!!! They had SO much fun together and were so sad to see them go. It's neat to see the bonds they have.

Ty is loving Jr. Jazz Basketball!! His games are so funny to watch but it's neat to see his confidence increase and to learn new skills. 

How the boys like to watch cartoons on the iphone :) 

Lawson's cheese face kills me!

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