Friday, December 18, 2015

New Nephew

Our newest nephew was born yesterday on December 17th,  2015 at 2:23 pm, weighing 8 lbs, 11 oz and 20" long!! Ginger and Curtiss are still deciding on a name... :) Our plan to have these two babies on the same day FAILED!!! Darn!!! But here's to hoping they are 4 days or LESS apart!!! 

It was so fun to go visit them! My boys were excited and so gentle and sweet with him. He's a big stocky boy!! We were all surprised at how big he was! But so sweet and tiny still! I just loved snuggling him. There's just something about a newborn that's so surreal and incredible.

I look like a huge, overweight middle age man here.

Christmas Pajama parties! The boys were so excited and had their jammies sitting out, ready to be worn for a week. We now have officially made it through school for this semester without the baby interrupting for the boys and TJ! TJ finished up this semester last night and we're SO excited for only ONE MORE!!

Last night I thought maybe my water was leaking but didn't know for sure. When I woke up this morning I felt like something wasn't right and a little unsettled. So after dropping the boys off at school, Shaddie and I headed to my doctor's office just to be checked. It ended up that my water wasn't leaking and I'm still at 3 and 80% effaced but I had high blood pressure with 150/90's which is super high for me. They sent me over to labor and delivery to be monitored for 30 minutes which ended up taking 4 hours! The BP kept going high and then dropping and then back up so it was back and forth on deciding on whether or not to admit me and have the baby today! Plus it was super busy there because today was 39 weeks for everyone who is due on Christmas day so there were tons of inductions and C sections happening. After a while my BP came back down to fairly reasonable level so they took blood work and told me I could leave after the results came back. Then they needed a urine sample. Then they were waiting for the doctor to come out of a C section. Then the CBC showed that my platelets were low at 117 ( normal is 150+) and my glucose was 52. So time just kept going by. I ended up having Linda pick up Ty and Levi from school and TJ left work a few hours early to come get Shad. Eventually the decision was made to discharge me but to have me come back tomorrow for redraw on labs to check the platelets and to recheck BP. If platelets are still low and trending down, they'll take baby tomorrow. However if platelets are below 95, I'm at risk for bleeding and can't have an epidural!!!! That part scares me the MOST! I don't even want to think about it. I'd seriously LOVE to have this baby tomorrow but if not and I get sent home tomorrow, it'll be okay because I'm scheduled to get induced on Monday anyways. What's a few more days right?? ;)

Shaddie was SO good for the three hours he was there!! He just ate snacks and drank juice, played with whatever he could find in the diaper bag and watched TV for a few minutes at a time. He kept wanting Paw Patrol to be on, not understanding that it's not netflix, a dvd or iPad. :) When he started to get bored and done, he climbed up in the bed and we sang songs over and over until TJ got there. He's a sweet kid and I was grateful he did so well!!

We'll see what tomorrow brings!!

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