Sunday, December 6, 2015

Meeting Santa

I took the boys to see Santa at Cabela's just to change it up a little. We always go to the Santa at the Riverwoods but it's outside and cold this year and hard to find a time to get down there. Cabelas was perfect! Indoors, able to wear our matching Christmas jammies without any coats, not much of a line and they gave us a free picture. It was great! The boys were SO excited to open their jammies! Ty and Levi also couldn't wait to give their letters to Santa. They had a little mailbox you could put the letters in after seeing Santa. We got lots of compliments about their matchy-ness. :) I also have a little pair for the new baby but since I don't know when it'll come and just in case we can't make it back to Santa, I at least have one official Santa picture for the year. But I'm really hoping to get a good picture of all 4 of them matching this year!!

Shad didn't cry this time! I was surprised! Guess he liked the Cabelas Santa better than the Kids Village one :)

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