Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jazz Game

 Ty has LOVED playing basketball this season. He definitely has a lot to learn (and probably the least advanced player on the team- tried to say that in the nicest way possible! ;) but that didn't even matter to him and I loved that. He was so happy to play every second that he could and has actually improved a lot. He's working on shooting it the right way (no more granny shots!) and has made some pretty good passes and recognizes when someone is open. I mostly just love that he's socially involved, appropriate in every way, and has made some good friends. We'll definitely miss Utah County for it's wide variety of sport programs for every age- it's awesome!

TJ got free tickets to a Jazz game from work and took the older boys on a date to their first NBA game. They were in heaven!! They rode the train there and back which only added to the adventure.  They left halfway through since it started so late to begin with and each fell asleep on the train but they could've cared less and thought they were so grown up going to a game. Ty was also so excited to wear his Jazz jersey. 

Shaddie and I had our own date while the boys went to the game- Chik fil A! ;) He was so excited to go out with just me and him, even thought he kept asking the entire time where " Ty Ty", "Bebi" and "Dadda" are. 

We had a Family Night with Lexi's family where we exchanged presents and then went to the live Nativity down the road. It was amazing!!! It was all outside and you walked around to different 'stations' searching for Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. They had camp fires at each stop and sang a song- the Spirit was really strong and it was a reverent atmosphere. I was really impressed and so glad we made the effort to go.

Ginger and I at our pedicure date. Now our babies can come since our toes are done. It was really fun going together and nice of TJ to watch all the boys. Even though we each think we look awful in this picture, I wanted to document the occasion. :) Seriously, I look HUGE. Blah!!! At least my candy cane Christmas toes are cute!

Oh and as a side note- NOTHING has happened since my doctor's appointment yesterday. Not even one tiny, measly little contraction. I think I almost feel better than I did before, ha! So here's to the baby not coming anytime soon. I'm just planning on reaching my induction next Monday. Dr. Bean is on call Friday and Sunday though.... I wouldn't mind those days, he's the best! And I'd also LOVE to have this little one on the same day as Ginger (she's going in on Thursday) but what are the chances of that happening...

Just our typical school morning- breakfast, spelling words, scriptures, reading, piano, etc. These boys would eat cereal for every meal if it'd let them. We go through SO much milk and cereal- I can't even imagine them as teenagers.

Paw Patrol Chase with me on my LAST doctor's appointment! Whoo hoo!! We let the boys open their Christmas presents to each other since I like to space presents out and they actually were PERFECT during sacrament meeting on Sunday so that was their reward. Like oddly perfect. It was kinda weird but I'll take it!  Shaddie got this jacket that he's in love with. I think spacing out opening presents also helps them not be overwhelmed and enjoy what's in the gifts more. They get so excited!

Poor kid never gets a nap in his own bed- he seriously will just lay down anywhere once he's tired enough.

On my last shift in the ER back in June, I got blood splashed in my eye from a known Hep C positive patient. I only had about two hours left in my shift and of course, that had to happen! I couldn't believe it! Well, after 3 blood draws over the last 6 months, I'm officially Hep C free!! Yahoo!

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