Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hendriksen Christmas Party

My neighbor and good friend, Kelby Ellis, threw me a "non-shower baby shower" at her house last Saturday. Even though she has three kids, the youngest who is 1 years old and is 32 weeks pregnant with TWINS, she took it upon herself to do something so thoughtful and kind. No gifts and it was mostly just to "celebrate being a mama" in her words- so nice of her! It was fun to sit and visit with women from the ward and of course, Kelby had delicious food and decorated cute. I sure appreciated it. 

That same Saturday we had the Hendriksen Family Christmas party since we didn't know the timing of me and Ginger's baby and Dezi will be celebrating Christmas Eve with in-laws. It was really fun and I appreciated Ruth for putting so much effort and planning into it! We ate Colombian food (soooo good!!), had a little Christmas concert with a couple from their ward who played the saxophone and sang Christmas carols, several minute-to-win-it games like the reindeer antlers with balloons, cousin gift exchange, games, acted out the Nativity while reading the account from the New Testament, and several Colombian traditions (lighting the lamp and finding the nut in the rice pudding). It was really fun to be with everyone and the kids loved it, of course. The only bad part was that I had a bad back day that afternoon/night but oh well!
It was cute how serious Ty and Levi were about the Nativity. They only wanted to be shepherds and Ty immediately knelt down in front of Baby Jesus. It was so cute.

The kids danced so much to the saxophone- I was surprised at how into it my kids got! They usually are more shy and reserved!! 

The boys were super reverent and good on Sunday so after church they got to open their sibling presents to each other. It's nice to spread gifts out so they enjoy them more and don't get overwhelmed. Yeah it was kinda weird how good they were- Levi rested on my lap and Ty read his scriptures and sang each hymn the whole time?? Not sure what happened??! ha!

Ty is waaay into Star Wars even though he's never seen any of them and doesn't really know much about them, ha!

Shaddie was very excited to be the impromptu angel!!! He had the biggest smile on his face as TJ lifted him up and felt so proud! ;)

Lighting the way for Baby Jesus

So fun to organize baby clothes- especially newborn sizes! I just love them! So tiny and cute!!

Shaddie is always wanting me to take his picture and this is what happens when I say, "Shad! Say cheese and look at my eyes!"

These boys love their ICEEs!

All I can say is.. oh Teej!

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