Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Morning

We had a great little Christmas just at home. It snowed over 7 inches overnight so it was a cold, snowy day- great to stay indoors in our jammies and warm fire. The boys were so excited and were in disbelief that Santa ate the cookies, fed his reindeer the carrots and drank his milk! We took turns opening each present and it was pretty well controlled chaos! The boys played with their presents all day long and we spent countless hours putting together 4 giant sets of legos! The boys were in heaven. It was so nice having sweet little Benson here with us this Christmas too! It was fun face timing with my family in Marana since everyone was there except us. 

By the end of the day the torture from milk coming in had lessened so that was a relief! We didn't plan Christmas dinner very well though and had to scrounge around for food! Little Benson interrupted our planning a bit! But it was nice to be together and have a low key, relaxed Christmas this year!

The boys were so excited with their legos, Levi was in love with having Tigee's mom and dad, and Shaddie loved everything Paw Patrol! He mostly was so happy to have more socks to carry around and his Paw Patrol underwear! He wore all 6 pairs over his diaper all day long. :) We sure love these boys and it's fun seeing their excitement in everything.

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