Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Guy and Ruth's house with TJ's siblings. It was pretty low key and relaxing. The boys had a ton of fun playing outside in the snow with Grandpa Guy pulling them on a sled with the riding lawn mower. I didn't take too many pictures since I was pretty miserable with my milk coming in. Perfect timing! ;) It was the first time the brand new cousins met and Ginger and I had great plans to take super cute pictures of Benson and Cade together but they didn't turn out so great, ha. It was still a good day spent with family!



 That night Santa came and Santa was SOOO glad that everything was already done and ready!! Everyone can make fun of Santa all they want for being completely done with Christmas in October, (including having everything wrapped)- it was so worth it!

 Tigee's Mom and Dad!! The family is now complete!! 
The first thing Levi said when he saw it, "Next Christmas I'm going to ask Santa for Tigee's grandma and grandpa!"

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