Sunday, December 13, 2015


Distraction has been my focus these last two weeks. Filling up our days makes the days and week pass by and I'm able to endure better, getting me closer and closer to induction day. I have a really hard time staying at home so it helps to be out and about and walking around!! Last Friday we went to the aquarium and ended the day with Cafe Rio. Love great days like these with my little men.

TJ won free tickets from work to go to the aquarium. The boys have been asking for months when they could go since we pass the billboard advertising about the baby penguins on our way to school everyday. Levi has a thing for peguins and Ty loves sharks so naturally, they were pretty excited when I told them we could go. Normally it's quite pricey and we've been several times but always for free- either through TJ's school, autism days or field trips. But free days mean the rest of the world is there too. Each time we've gone it's been so crazy crowded and packed. Hard to enjoy or even see anything. We went last Friday early afternoon as soon as school was out- it was the perfect day to go!! We ended up spending 3 hours there and the boys just roamed free. It was great. Shad is finally old enough that he doesn't run off and stays right with his brothers because he doesn't want to miss a thing and thinks he's as big as them. We watched all three 3D movies and often were the only ones at each exhibit. It was hard to get good pics because the lighting was often really dark or dim but we all really enjoyed it. It was one of those days where I just really enjoyed my kids.

It also made me realize how starting over with a new baby really is tough! We just had this awesome afternoon and the boys were so well behaved and entertained and adding a baby to the mix just changes it all!! But it's okay, we're still excited. Just glad we could do some fun things together before our world is rocked.

The boys were so good- they knew we weren't buying any food or toys from the gift shop. They were content with taking a picture with the thing they really wanted from the gift shop and very reluctantly put it away and tried to stay happy. :) 

We only lost Levi once! He's the one who's our usual wanderer and not on purpose. He's just content to go ahead and explore. Once we found him at the front with employees with him, he ran to us with his shuddering crying. Ty couldn't stop hugging him for a good 10 minutes after. We went back to the penguins since that's where Lev really wanted to go again, Ty put his arm around him and kissed the top of his head. It was amusing to watch, as if Ty was the adult and was glad his little buddy was safe and sound.

At first Ty didn't want to watch the movie but wanted to go see the sharks. He quickly calmed down and ended up loving the shows. They even had the water that sprayed you, vibrating seats and wind that blew around you as sound effects- he tolerated that like a champ! I was really surprised and it was just another sensory thing that we've conquered!! Whoo hoo Ty Ty!!
All 3 of the boys watched each movie, even the adult documentary one! I was really surprised and Shad even curled up in my lap for a quick 10 minute nap. 

These boys really do love each other- makes me happy. 


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