Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Maternity Pics

So... I'm not a big fan of maternity pics (of myself) and haven't ever had them done before. I'm just not overly anxious to preserve cheesy memories of me holding my giant belly and the excess 50+ lbs I gain while smiling with my double chins. 
However, this time around, it's not very often you get to be pregnant with one of your best friends, expecting your babies four days apart- that changes everything!
Ginger found this free photographer who just moved from out of state who is trying to build up her clientele. The word free also changes everything...
So I made the boys dress up and get ready and come with me to try to get a free family picture in the mix as well. Not the greatest picture ever but not bad for free- and what else do I expect with young, anxious boys who don't want to smile or stand still. 
So here's to the next two cousins to come to the Hendriksen Family! I hope they'll always be good buddies and know how much 'fun' their moms had being pregnant with them, at the same time!
33 weeks

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