Sunday, November 22, 2015

Just Lately

Last week was our Primary Program and Jordan, her friend Megan, Ruth and Guy all came to watch. (Jordan actually showed up on my doorstep the night before to surprise us by saying hi and that she was in Utah County for the weekend- it was so fun to see her!!) 
It was great but I was sure glad when it was over! We have 185 kids in our primary, wrote parts for 175 and then was able to cut it down to 150 parts by taking out inactive kids and families who were out of town. We only went 20 minutes over and it went pretty smoothly- even if I was kneeling, crouched on the stand most of the time with a huge belly. I know I prob looked ridiculous. Ty memorized his part perfect and did well. He turned away after the last word and so turned back to repeat the word and was super close to the microphone so it was loud and laughed. It was pretty cute. Levi had a group part with the sunbeams but is still pretty shy so I wonder if he would've even done a part on his own. Anyways, Ty was so excited and very well behaved sitting up on the stand with all the kids. 

The one-month-left-countdown picture. My induction is officially scheduled for Dec. 21 but I've never made it to an induction with all the other kids... trying to not get hopes up.

Shad's thing right now is SOCKS- and lots of them, especially his Paw Patrol socks. He'll wear multiple pairs on each foot and then take them off and carry them around He'll also take off shoes and socks every single time we get back in the car, after and in between every single stop. He can't go anywhere without all his socks!!

The boys were pretty excited for the first snow fall and had to take a picture. Ty is very into taking a picture of things himself, on my phone, and sending it to Grandma Wengert.

Shaddie LOVES it when I let him fall asleep with the boys. This happened the other night and Ty and Levi fell asleep right away. I heard Shad just laying there happily for the next 45 minutes, looking at books and talking to himself until he fell asleep too. :)
Shad worships the ground these older boys walk on. He wants to do everything they do and can't WAIT until they get back home from school. When they are at school, that's all he talks about- nonstop. He literally copies everything they do and his whole world revolves around them. :)

Paw Patrol has taken over our lives!!

TJ brought home a foot and calf massager from work- it's heavenly! Every night after the boys are in bed I sit there and watch TV or read scriptures. It's awesome!!!

Michelle DiRegolo and I are still doing our temple swaps- meaning we take turns watching each others kids' once a week while the other goes to the temple. It's been great going so much more, getting more family names completed and leaving Shaddie alone without his brothers. He does so well now. The Timpanogos  temple was closed for cleaning last week so I had to go down to Provo. I hadn't been there in quite a while but it was such a beautiful day!! I was struck by how beautiful Utah really is, once again!

These boys are officially swimming on their own!!! It's so fun to watch and I'm so glad our efforts are finally paying off! It's been so worth it- all the driving and time/money we've spent. But swimming is really important to me and been great therapy for Ty (to overcome fears). 

Last week the boys and I had to go to the mall for Christmas shopping. We spent a good 3 hours there and they were SO good. I was actually quite shocked. It's actually kinda fun when they are so well behaved! 

Ty insisted on taking a picture by the 5 since he's 5 1/2 years old now. :)

Ty's Recent Sayings:

- "The capital of California is Sacrament."

- We were having a hard morning and trying to get out the door to school. Ty was crying- again- and I raised my voice. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "You broked my heart!"

- "Mom, bullfighters are in Spain. That's in Europe." What?? How do you know that?? This kid's memory is insane. 

- We were practicing the piano and doing our flashcards. He lifted one up so the light shone through so he could see the answer. I told him very gently that that's cheating and he can't do that. We go on with a few more flashcards but he's very quiet and I thought he was pouting. Finally I asked him what's wrong. He tells me he's just sad. I  then ask him why he's sad. He looks up with huge tears in his eyes and says with a look of pure sorrow, "I just don't want to be BAD!!" and throws himself into my arms. :)

- Reading an advertisement for these little Halloween flashlights in a kids' meal and says, "Ohhh Mom! Can we please have spooky fun for everyone and collect all 4??!"

Levi's Recent Sayings:

- When we were at his soccer game he suddenly said, "I wish Molly would come watch me."

- "I killed a fly!!! Good luck in heaven, fly!"

- "Actually, when I grow up, I don't want to be a vet anymore. I want to work at PetsMart."

- When we're at a red stop light: "Hurry up light!!! We'll be LATE!!! Yesssss!!! It heard me!!"

- To Tanner, " Hey Tan! You're a meathead!"

- Telling Ty a story and after Ty told him, "Louder Lev, I can't hear you!" Levi then says, "Ugh, I'm just too tired to talk."

- We were laying down reading books at night the weekend of General Conference when we heard some fireworks go off. We started naming reasons why they could've gone off when Levi shouts, "I know! It's probably someone celebrating the new apostles!"

- "Mom!! I can do AWESOME PAWSOME things!!!"

- "I just saw Shad's special part and it's just sooooo cute!"

- "Our bums are strong. They keep our parts together."

- I was telling them to stop playing with sewing pins because if they got on the floor they could step on them and go right through their foot. Levi says, "Yeah, kinda like Jesus."

- Both boys were talking about what makes bad guys BAD. This was the list they came up with as I listened to their conversation:
"Bad guys don't go to church, think that being dead is the end (we just had FHE on the resurrection), eat candy all day, don't brush their teeth and say bad words."

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