Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Halloween!

On Halloween night, we went over to Lexi's and loaded up the trailer again, like we did last year. The kids love riding it from house to house and we decorate it and play Halloween music loud- we're quite the sight to see! KiLeigh and her family came over again too so it's fun to have all the kids together. They love trick or treating with all their cousins and after we have chili, cornbread, hot chocolate and donuts. It was fun to have Derek and Emily come by for a while as well- they had the cutest costumes and looked so good!!

For some reason we had a hard autism day, all day long, and I didn't fight Ty on what costume he wore- I let him wear whatever made him happy!! So he was in various costumes throughout the night. I made him change into crocodile for a few pictures and then let him get right back out of it. But overall, he had a great Halloween night and enjoyed eating lots of non-chocolate candy and trading the chocolate ones to everyone else. While trick or treating he said, "Mom! This is the BEST night EVER!!"
Anyways, the trailer was fun but kinda hard to get into at 8 months pregnant. Plus with the kids getting older and running around, I was worried someone was going to get run over in the dark. Another thing was that the babies weren't babies anymore this year and had to go to each door to get candy. Then at one point I was getting it and then it stopped suddenly and I fell forward while holding Shaddie and banged up my knee pretty bad. Luckily Shaddie was fine, just scared. Needless to say, by the end of the night I was done and ready to take my tired, cranky, sugar-high children home to bed!!! Good memories, right??!

It really was a fun night though and it's been a fun Halloween season! We did tons of stuff and got A LOT of use out of all our costumes. However, I'm kinda ready to put it all away and move on to the next one- just to get us closer to Christmas to get this baby OUT! :)

I changed after our family Peter Pan picture- like I said, clothes just don't fit very well these days and I live in Maxi skirts!!

Shaddie's first trick or treating

With all of our combined 10 kids running around, it's kinda a big bunch!

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