Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cornbellys and Sports

 We went to Cornbellys on probably the coldest day of the month- it was raining and a super cold wind was blowing!! I was dying! The boys seemed okay and loved it and didn't want to leave. Plus it was pretty empty considering it was only two days before Halloween so we did whatever without any lines. I had already bought the tickets for that day and didn't want to loose my money so we braved the cold and stuck it out. The boys loved it and it was a good way to wrap up the Halloween season. Afterwards we went to Cafe Rio so that always fixes everything and warmed us right up.

For the month of October, these boys did acts of service to earn cans for their school's canned food drive. They worked really hard at it and enjoyed taking their cans to school. The school collected over 3,100 cans and Malawi's gave all the kids in the school $5 gift cards!! TJ and I were happy about that!

The usual Halloween parties at school was a big deal for these boys. Ty was very excited that Miss Cheri asked if I'd send a take home treat for each of the kids. This probably was exciting to him because he got to pick treats that he actually liked and no chocolate!
Ty had a variety of costumes that he wore to different parties and was always changing it up. The crocodile that went with our Peter Pan theme got old to him pretty fast but luckily he loves all the costumes we have in our pretend play box. It was such a dilemma deciding which one to be on what day! 
The night before Halloween we went to a Halloween carnival at the Lehi Rec Center. I took the boys so TJ could stay home and study and it actually ended up being a lot of fun! The kids loved it and we were there for a good two and a half hours playing games, trick or treating and watching a movie. I will miss Utah County's huge outreach to young kids- there's always so much going on and so many things to do for kids around here. 

Shad HAD to have his picture taken with every superhero he could see. 

Yes, I'm a very large skeleton sitting here. Blah!!!!

Ty started Jr. Jazz Basketball on Saturdays- he LOVES it and now says that basketball is his favorite sport. We also finished up soccer which is nice since basketball and soccer overlapped for two weeks. The boys played awesome in their last soccer games (which was on Halloween which is why the Halloween socks and Levi wanted his hair spray painted orange). They each scored a goal and played their little hearts out. HUGE difference from last year. I'm so glad we stuck through it last year when it seemed pointless or had crying boys on the sideline that didn't want to play. I'll actually be excited when spring soccer starts back up again! We also had have great coaches this year as well. 
Ginger and her boys drove down to watch the boys games- so nice of her and means a lot to the boys. We love our cousins!

Coach Clay and the Water Dragons

I looked away for two seconds and turned around to see this :)

Levi's Itty Bitty football pictures :) 

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