Tuesday, November 3, 2015

32 Weeks

Made it to 32 weeks!! 
Not much to say except I'm huge, uncomfortable and feel like no clothes fit. Starting to get the antsy feeling of wanting my old body back and to just the baby here and OUT! Overall, I can't complain though and am grateful to be feeling this baby move all the time. It's really weird, all my kids have "grown" or whatever, all on the right side. Like literally, only the right side until they get big enough to fit the entire uterus and then I start feeling them on the left. But so far, only right side and all the way, completely around my right waist. Really strange. 
Started my 2 week appointments and it's already November- next month is baby month!! I'm starting to get really excited to see what this little thing will be but also starting to panic about names......

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Jennifer said...

You look so ridiculously cute!!! Our friends have three girls and just found out that they are finally getting a boy. I'm predicting a girl in your future!