Monday, October 5, 2015

October Beginnings

Last weekend I headed up to Logan to throw a bridal shower for my sister Jessie. Amy and I put it on and it turned out really well!! We had a bridal shower breakfast and served belgian waffles with tons of different toppings. My mom flew up for the weekend so it was fun to hang out with her and my sisters. I drove up Friday night and didn't go home until Sunday morning so it was a nice little getaway! Kinda fun to stay up late talking and sleep in the next day!!! 
But it's funny how much I missed the boys. :) I was excited to see them again as much as they were to have their mom back home. 

Levi started Itty Bitty Football at the Lehi Legacy Center- it's adorable!!! They divided the kids up on teams and Levi is on the Bears but had to get a pic by the real team!! Go Pack GO!
He loves it and is perfectly behaved and talks about it all the time. It's the perfect activity for him on Tues/Thurs mornings since he misses Ty and it's the only days he doesn't have school.
After the first day he said, "I'm just so happy!" When I asked him why he was so happy he replied, "Cause I get to be a football player!!!" Too bad he's like the smallest 4 year old out there!!

Last week the flu bug hit our house and got each one of us, one at a time. Thankfully, TJ hardly got it (he can't afford to be sick with work and school) and it was a pretty short lasting bug. I was the last to get it and man, it had me down and out!! It should be illegal to get the flu while pregnant. And have a husband gone 13+ hours every day. And have a crazy 1 year old. All I hope is that no one saw me spill my guts out at the speech parking lot over and over. The dried vomit was still there two days later when we went back for speech again... oops. 
Poor Shaddie had it to where he just threw up over and over until he was so lethargic. He just laid on the couch like this unable to move. He watched Paw Patrol for a while but for the most part just laid there. He was soooo thirsty but would throw up everything he swallowed. Poor kid! But once again, SO grateful it was a very short lived bug. 
But honestly, getting the flu was probably good for me. I have been having a hard time, physically (but really mentally), with this pregnancy and feel trapped in my own body due to the huge weight gain. It's just taxing on the body and already hard to find clothes to wear. I'm just BIG. I was starting to panic wondering how I'm going to keep doing this for the next 10 weeks. But after feeling so horribly awful with the flu, I'm just so thankful to be healthy and not sick that I can handle my huge-ness and endure and (try to) enjoy it. :)
I was just so thankful to TJ who was able to come home early from work and completely take over, even with everything that he has going on. He was a lifesaver and always sacrifices so much for me.

Lev was so excited to show Jessie that he learned all about England in history at school- it was pretty cute.

Amy and Clay came down for her mission reunion and it was so funny to watch these two play (and fight) together!! This was the first time I've really seen them interact and laugh with each other- adorable!!

Oh my goodness- wasn't General Conference so amazing this past weekend?? I know I say that every six months but seriously, I was blown away by it and enjoyed it so much. I especially LOVED Elder Holland's talk. Every single thing that comes out of that man's mouth is mesmerizing to me. 

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles paid tribute to mothers — and their eternal, pure love for their children.
"No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child."
Mothers demonstrate their long-suffering, resolute love, he added, by first bearing their children — and then "they continue bearing with us."
"It is not only the prenatal carrying but the lifelong carrying that makes mothering such a staggering feat," he said. "Of course there are heartbreaking exceptions, but most mothers know intuitively, instinctively that this is a sacred trust of the highest order. The weight of that realization, especially on young maternal shoulders, can be daunting." 

It was just so powerful to me and so many of the talks were equally as inspiring. Elder Holland's just resonated so well with our current life. 
I was surprised at how well the kids did overall!! I printed off huge packets and they loved doing them and took them very seriously! They were SO excited to hear who the three new apostles were: Elder Rasband, Elder Stevenson and Elder Renlund. Tonight at FHE we talked more about it and I'm so impressed with their knowledge and recognizing names/faces. There were only two apostles they couldn't name! 
I'm also excited to Ponderize and pick a new scripture weekly! Loved that talk as well.
The hardest thing to watch was when President Monson was speaking, about half way through his talk he started slurred words slightly, sinking down and struggled to get through it. It broke my heart!! I was so worried he was going to have a syncopal episode or just fall! It was touching to see President Uchtdorf so ready and waiting to grab him if he should fall and immediately be at his side when his talk was over. Such good men- I just love them all!!
KiLeigh and Orrin were in town to take Porter to the Conference Center so it was fun to hang out with all of them. We had dinner together during Priesthood Session and then Sunday dinner after it was over. These three little boys are so funny together!! Ty and Levi had a lot of fun playing with Ollie- they don't get to play with girls very much!!

Shad- 20 months
Olyn- 18 months
Wyatt- 22 months

Ty got 100% on his first spelling test!!! I was so proud of him although it wasn't necessarily the actual grade. I'm just so grateful he's being successful, fitting in, grasping concepts and making friends. He loves school and never complains about doing homework (which he has a lot of!). Back in 2012 after getting the diagnosis, I laid awake at night, worried sick about his future and wondering what to expect of him. This simple piece of paper is pretty significant to me as it sums up dealing with, overcoming, and conquering a pretty tough trial this sweet boy was sent with from day one. :)

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