Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Break

 I actually ended up being so glad that we stayed home for Fall Break. It would've been great to go down to AZ but it was so relaxing and exactly what we all needed to just enjoy being home. The boys played their hearts out, we took all day to do our dailies and were still able to do a few fun things to enjoy our days off. 
We went to the dollar theater and saw the Minions movie- the boys thought it was SOOO funny. We went with Lexi and her kids and right during Shaddie's nap time. It worked out perfectly! He spent the the first 15 minutes eating popcorn to his heart's delight while watching very intently, then he snuggled up with his blankie and fell right asleep. He woke up the last 15 minutes, ate more popcorn and watched it until it was over- it was awesome!!
We played baseball outside because the weather has been so enjoyable- perfect! We had nice long breakfasts since we weren't in a rush to get out the door. We went to the Disney store Halloween party in costume while TJ worked late Friday night. Levi finished up his Itty Bitty Football- adorable by the way- and he loved every minute of it. Shad transitioned to a toddler bed and we got rid of the crib that has been used for 7 babies- the last four of my siblings and my three kids so far! We also visited Parker who got his tonsils out. 

Shaddie is very into shoes and socks. He especially loves wearing as many pairs of socks as he can on his feet at once, especially his Paw Patrol socks. This past few weeks he's been talking so much more! Hard to understand but definitely talking. His favorite song to sing is Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree.

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