Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cousin Halloween Party

 Annual Hendriksen Cousins Halloween Party

This year we all met at Ruth's backyard and played some fun halloween games, ate pizza and decorated pumpkins. Levi was so excited to spray his hair black and he looked actually pretty good with it! Almost like he should be in our family more with black hair instead of blonde! The kids were so excited and LOVE dressings up in their costumes every chance they get. Levi and Shad's costumes were pretty easy and fun to make. Ty's I just bought online. Just wait until you see TJ's costume- he's a pretty legit Captain Hook!

Hendriksen Cousins:

Easton- 12
Cole- 10
Peyton- 8
Trey- 6
Ty- 5
Brock- 4
Levi- 4
Parker- 4
Lawson- 2
Shad- 20 months
Dimitri- 1

(Not pictured- Tatum who lives in Florida who is 7)
New Baby Boy- Due Dec. 24th (Ginger)
New Baby (Surprise Gender)- Due Dec. 28th (TJ)
New Baby Girl- Due Feb. 10th (Vannessa)

Levi- Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Ty- Tic Tock Croc from Peter Pan
Shad- Peter Pan

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