Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cheering Section!

The day after Jessie's wedding, my family was still in town and my mom had her mind made up that they were going to drive down an hour just for the boys' soccer games. Even though she had an entire wedding to plan, she made their games a huge deal and even made giant Fatheads of their faces. The boys were thrilled- I've never seen them play harder and with a bigger smile on their faces the entire game. It was pretty crazy- only my mom would do something like that! Levi scored 3 goals and Ty played his heart out- ran harder than he ever has. We're lucky to have such great family that's so support of even the smallest things :)

Teddi kept us entertained by dancing with Ty's head.

That night was Uncle Dave's annual Halloween party in Centerville. It just happened to be perfect timing that my family was in town. I scrounged up all the costumes I could find and we all went as a random group of interesting characters! It actually was a lot of fun dressing up with everyone and we were glad we went! The guys were all in a pie eating contest and Derek won. The kids loved playing in the great big barn and with the pinata too. It's always so good to see Uncle Dave's family.

 The night before we went to Texas Roadhouse in Logan for dinner- it was a little crazy but we all ate tons of food and it was so good. My boys were in heaven since they love that place. Ty seriously ate like 12 rolls.

After the Halloween party, Devin, Teddi, TJ and I went on a little date to Bombay House- a place that Devin just had to eat at while visiting Utah. My parents were so nice to take the kids back to my grandparent's house where they totally crashed after such a long day. It was actually so fun to hang out with them and try delicious food! I'm totally a fan now! We all went in our costumes still and the Indian people thought we were very strange looking. One man came up to Teddi and in a super thick Indian accent asked her something, obviously regarding her Thor costume. Poor Ted had no idea what he said and was trying so hard to figure it out when I realized he said the word "birthday" and that he thought she was dressed up for her birthday! He kept going on and on and we kept laughing but honestly had no idea what he was saying- we couldn't stop laughing after it happened, it was so funny. Teddi and I were holding our stomachs, laughing so hard! It'll be a memory we'll always remember for sure!!

The only pregnancy picture Teddi and I will (probably) have together and I'm in my Mr. Smee costume and she's in pajamas! Oh well, we remembered at the last minute, obviously. I'm 29 weeks and she's 27 weeks- both with surprise gender babies!!

Shad's usual attire.

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