Wednesday, October 28, 2015

School Pictures

Kindergarten 2015-2016
Kids Village
Miss Cheri

Preschool 2015-2016
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Miss Sammie


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Happenings

Halloween is a fun holiday for me- I enjoy picking a family theme, convincing the boys that they want to dress up as what I want them to be, and then getting lots of uses out of the costumes that I take so much time to make!! This year has been awesome in that we've used our costumes already tons of times- it's so fun and this year was even better because we won at TJ's work party! In the family category we got 2nd place and $50! Kinda fun and the boys were so excited to win!
My grandma made this Captain Hook pirate coat- it's amazing!! I didn't realize how hard the pattern was when I gave it to her with all the material back in August. But like she always does, she figured it out and it looks awesome. TJ normally just takes his costume to work and changes there but this year, he left at 6 am wearing his full costume and wore it all day! He even wore it downtown for an errand, ha. I think he secretly likes it and wishes he had real hair like that. ;)
Levi and Shad's were easy and cheap to make- thanks Pinterest- and Ty's I just found online. So really, this year was super fun and easy and we've gotten lots of compliments on our little family get-up! When we went to TJ's work, all the chinese team kept taking pictures and giving the kids chinese candy :) USANA puts on a fun little family trick or treating event and costume contest and we don't get to see TJ at work that often since it's far away, so the boys loved it.

TJ and I ran- okay, I power walked- the Haunted Half 5K again this year for Kids on the Move. It was fun except it made me desperately want to race again and want my old body back. I ran a little bit here and there and whenever it went downhill but I definitely could feel it and had to slow down at times since I get so tight all around my stomach. Shaddie was NOT a good race partner this year!!! He definitely did not sleep like last year. The first half he was pretty good since he had snacks and Gatorade from the aid stand but after that he kept standing up and wanting OUT. I wanted TJ to race for reals so after he finished he got Shad and the stroller and I was able to finish on my own. Ty had his first basketball game and a soccer game so we asked Linda and Joe to take over and take the older boys for the morning- they had so much fun with them and it was so nice of them. Makes me happy to see my kids making memories with their aunts/uncles. 

Decorating pumpkins!!
The last few years we've just gotten the little kits from Target and painted them. With TJ gone so much, I'm not up to carving three pumpkins myself and the boys have just as much fun- and are just as messy. It was nap time for Shaddie and he was not happy with his mummy pumpkin.

Hee Haw Farms

One the last day of fall break we went to Hee Haw Farms since Shaddie hadn't been there before. The boys loved it and it wasn't crowded and perfect weather!! It took Ty forever to finally get the courage to go down the huge slide- I had to go down once with him- but after that he didn't want to get off! He LOVED it. Shad even loved the slide as long as he was going down with Ty or Levi. And all the kids enjoyed the animals and riding the pony even though they were a little hesitant at first. It had been such a long while since we came here and brought back good memories since I took Ty and Levi here tons back when Ty was super into animals and signing all the animals when he was 2 years old. :) 

Typical boys- they can't just stand there for a picture :) Reminds me of my brothers, Devin and Dallin. They would always pose as ninjas in pictures. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Break

 I actually ended up being so glad that we stayed home for Fall Break. It would've been great to go down to AZ but it was so relaxing and exactly what we all needed to just enjoy being home. The boys played their hearts out, we took all day to do our dailies and were still able to do a few fun things to enjoy our days off. 
We went to the dollar theater and saw the Minions movie- the boys thought it was SOOO funny. We went with Lexi and her kids and right during Shaddie's nap time. It worked out perfectly! He spent the the first 15 minutes eating popcorn to his heart's delight while watching very intently, then he snuggled up with his blankie and fell right asleep. He woke up the last 15 minutes, ate more popcorn and watched it until it was over- it was awesome!!
We played baseball outside because the weather has been so enjoyable- perfect! We had nice long breakfasts since we weren't in a rush to get out the door. We went to the Disney store Halloween party in costume while TJ worked late Friday night. Levi finished up his Itty Bitty Football- adorable by the way- and he loved every minute of it. Shad transitioned to a toddler bed and we got rid of the crib that has been used for 7 babies- the last four of my siblings and my three kids so far! We also visited Parker who got his tonsils out. 

Shaddie is very into shoes and socks. He especially loves wearing as many pairs of socks as he can on his feet at once, especially his Paw Patrol socks. This past few weeks he's been talking so much more! Hard to understand but definitely talking. His favorite song to sing is Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree.