Sunday, September 13, 2015

Soccer Starts

Soccer season has begun! This year the boys are on their own teams with different coaches. And each one has an awesome coach- I'm really excited for this season and they are already 10x better than last year. 
I'm actually shocked at how much each boy LOVES soccer this year- like polar opposite from last year. I feel like all the struggles from last season and TJ coaching has totally paid off and it was totally worth it- even though at times I thought why the heck are we doing this?? It was ridiculous some practices/games. It's so nice that TJ isn't coaching this year and the boys respond better to having an "official" coach. For some reason only Ty had a game this Saturday. But he played awesome and didn't want to ever come out. It was quite the opposite last year. :) Ty is the navy team called the Water Dragons. So far every sport team we've been on has had dragon in their team name. :)

Shaddie totally fell asleep on my bump the other night. Ha.

Levi and I had to go to a preschool thing and TJ asked Ty to baby-sit Shad while he mowed the lawn. Ty took it very seriously and was so excited to earn his dollar. He watched him super close and helped him every second. 

Just too tired to finish his oreo :)

Ty's Recent Sayings:

- "The Lamanites in Utah are all dead. That's why there's no different color people."
- "Oh Mom, it's partly cloudy today."
- "Trust me, Levi, fiction is another word for not real."
- Ty and Levi were playing house and Levi says, "Hi Teacher." Ty says, "No, Levi. You need to call me Miss Ty."
- "Levi just doesn't have very good memories. He doesn't remember anything."
- Ty was trying to convince Levi to start learning piano. "Levi!! It's soooooo fun and not scary!!!! I'll teach you!!! Do you want to do black keys or white keys?? Come on, I'll show you! You can do it- it's not just for 5 year olds!"
- I didn't bring clothes for them to change into after swimming and I told Ty he should've brought his own if he wanted to change. "No, Mom! You're the boss and you're smart!!"

Levi's Recent Sayings:

- "Bugs choose the wrong, especially mosquitos."
- "Mom, did you know fire keeps the clouds warm?"
- When we got home late and it was dark outside, "I just REALLY want some sunshine!"
- "Mom, do we have Barbies?" "No we don't." "Oh GOOD! I just do NOT like them."
- "Mom, did you know Superheroes don't go potty?"
- When Ty unbuckled his seatbelt to pick something up, Levi was teasing and said, "Tyyyy, I spy a policeman!!" When Ty started freaking out I told Levi to stop and be nice. Levi said, "Mom, don't worry! I'm just pretending to tease him!"
- "Are you a genius like me, Mom? Cause I'm just a super genius."
- "I just like to sit in the front of the shopping cart. Cause then I get to touch you."

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