Thursday, September 3, 2015

Just Life

It's funny how the youngest can be so easily entertained just by getting to watch the older siblings- let alone being able to actually play with them.  Shaddie stood like this for at least 15 minutes. 

Last week we got to go to Seven Peaks for free through work and TJ was able to come too! We hadn't been all summer and it was the perfect after school activity since it was still the first week of school. Afterwards we went to Cafe Rio for dinner- our family's favorite. Ty and Levi LOVED the waves and kept diving into them as they came. We kept trying to convince them to go on the slides with dad but they thought it was "too dangerous." Finally TJ took Shad and that convinced Levi. Once Ty saw Levi go down, he actually was willing to try and LOVED it!! That's huge for Ty since he has anxiety and is easily scared over a lot of things that kids his age wouldn't be afraid of. I was so proud of him for taking the leap and trying something new!!!!

Shaddie found his old shark swim cap from last summer in the swim bag and he just had to wear it the whole time- it was pretty funny.

No cavities for this boy!!! He takes his teeth brushing very seriously. Part of his OCD I think ;)

The boys had been asking to watch 101 Dalmations for a movie night for a while so I borrowed it from a friend. Their favorite thing in the world is a Friday night movie night with popcorn (plain for Ty and carmel for the rest of us). Shaddie thinks he's SO grown up to lay down with them.

Ty got invited to a back to school water party for his friend, Jagger, in his class. I was surprised to see a kindergartener have a back to school party but when you go to a private school you're surrounded by well-off families ;) I wanted Ty to go to make friends and so I could meet parents. Holy cow- talk about fancy neighborhood!!!! These were multi-million dollar homes with amazing back yards!!! I definitely didn't fit it well with my nike hat and dirty dash shirt and at first, just sat there because I didn't know anyone. But Ty was having an absolute blast and so I realized I better go be social with these rich ladies instead of sitting in the hot sun for two hours. I was so glad I did- they were soooo nice and wonderful and no different than me. It actually was enjoyable to get to know parents and it was so awesome to see Ty fitting in so perfectly. You'd have no idea he was on the spectrum- except when it was time to leave and he started crying ;) I was so proud of him and to me, it seemed like a good omen of the school year to come, evidence of how far he's progressed and confirmation that I made the right choice for school this year. 

All three boys love wearing hats together- even though Levi has a very grumpy face.

I had to grab a few things to get organized to start teaching piano (I officially have 4 students, plus Ty! I decided to start teaching this past Monday and crazy, how word flies! I'm excited for a little side job and spending money) so Shaddie and I enjoyed our time at Ikea while the older boys played at the play place. Shaddie thought it was so funny to stick his tongue out at the mirror but wouldn't do it for the camera. 

Kids eat free on Tuesdays!

Ty has been teaching Levi his camera smile face.

We've officially been in school for almost 3 weeks- I'm shocked at Ty's improvement in many areas already. Especially with his writing and numbers. We seriously love Kids Village.

Ty insisted on taking his suitcase to the grocery store. It's full of things he might need, like all his stuffed animals and Iron Man.

How Shaddie and Levi like to watch a show- dump out all the pretend play clothes and use it as chairs. Shaddie is starting to have a slightly longer attention span and watch TV for 10-15 minutes at a time. We honestly don't watch that much at all since we're busy and always have to do our dailies first. It's so nice when we go a full day or two without even turning it on. 

The boys like to watch Ty do his homework. :)

Shaddie gets SOOOO excited whenever he sees anything Mickey Mouse, Nemo, Paw Patrol or Iron Man. What 1 year old knows who Iron Man is??? :) He also calls him, "Mama Man."

I wrote a post earlier about my decision not to work and how it's taking some adjusting but I know it's the right thing to do. We definitely miss the income my job brought in, even though it was only a few shifts a month. Originally, we planned on my job covering the boys' school tuition but things happened and here we are. I know the boys are supposed to go there and somehow we'll make it through these last two semesters of TJ's grad school but at times it's hard not to stress over money. Raising 3.5 kids is expensive!!!!  
However, last Monday TJ's boss gave him a bonus for helping out so much at convention. I thought how nice that was of course, but forgot about it until I was dropping the boys off to school Monday morning and saw the sign reminding parents about tuition that was due. Suddenly it hit me- what a tender mercy that Heavenly Father sent us that bonus just in time to pay for the boys' school for a month! And almost for the exact amount! Definitely not a coincidence and I was so touched by what a thoughtful tender mercy! It spoke to me so clear that things will be okay and we'll make it, somehow. My mom also pointed out how that was also Heavenly Father confirming (again) my choice not to work. I was just very touched by it and know that He is aware of situation- down to every detail.

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