Saturday, September 12, 2015

Babies Everywhere

If you're going to do something hard and crazy, might as well do it with someone else....or two!! 

Tara- Dec. 28 (surprise)
Vannessa- Feb. 10 (GIRL!)
Ginger- Dec. 24 (BOY!)

I love being pregnant with sister in laws!!! (and eventually with my own sisters too, I'm sure!). 
It's so nice to go through it together and have cousins the same age. When I was pregnant with Levi, Dezi and Ginger were pregnant with Brock and Parker- it's soooo fun for those three boys to all grow up together so close in age. When I was pregnant with Shaddie, Amy and Teddi were pregnant with Clay and Beau and that was awesome. Shad and Clay ended up being 3 weeks apart- the closest any of my kids are to their cousins.

Well, I think Ginger and I have that record beat this time! We're due 4 days apart!! (Even though it looks like I'm months ahead of both of them- I'm HUGE). 
I'm due December 28th and she's due December 24th with her third boy. 
Vannessa is due with a little GIRL!! on February 10th. This is the first granddaughter, besides Tatum (who joined our family last year when Vannessa and Blake got married). 

Since Vannessa was in town for Linda's wedding and we were all at the family dinner the night before in practically matching dresses, we tried to take a decent pregnancy pic of all of us- ha! After 40+ pics and three different people taking them for us, we gave up and this is all we got! Oh the joys of being humongous! ;)

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