Saturday, September 12, 2015


24 Weeks

Last week I hit 24 weeks. This little baby is moving everywhere and I definitely am pregnant. Like I'm huge and feel even huger. I seriously am probably the same size I was when I delivered Ty. Each time I'm just shocked at how much bigger and harder it is each time around. I'm not complaining- I signed up for this and am grateful for the opportunity for another little buddy to come to our family. I'm actually getting quite excited for it. But it's definitely getting harder each go around. Sheesh. 

I have no idea how my mom did this 9 times. I feel like I should be 30+ week preg instead of only in the 20's. All the aches and pains started around 21 weeks and it's just tiring on the 30 year old body instead of 20's. I feel like everyone has their struggle during pregnancy and mine is weight gain. I've lost track of how much I've gained but it's at least 35 lbs. That is taxing on the body!! I can feel it!! Often I tell TJ that I'm not sure how many more times I can do this. And I've never thought that before. It's a good thing we forget and after a while, want to do this all over again!!

I continue to go to the gym everyday while the boys are at school. I enjoy it so much even though lately I haven't been able to work out as hard. My foot is finally better and so that's not an issue anymore but lately when I start running I just get really tight and almost cramping. So lately I've only been able to 1-2 miles. I don't think I can do a full 30 minutes anymore to get my 3 miles in. I just enjoy it and feel good after. I've worked so hard before to get back into shape I just hate to lose it. But it's slowly slipping away. Oh well, I'm excited to get back into shape after this little one and take a little break to get my body back. You'd think going to the gym so diligently would help with the weight gain but nope. Not at all. 

Christmas stuff is starting to come out and it's been fun buying a few things here and there! Even though it's a lame birthday after, I think it'll be kinda fun having a holiday baby and dressing he/she up in festive clothes and things. I even found a newborn sized Santa hat- cute!!!

I'm always grateful to make it to the age of viability and makes it a little more real. Each week is a relief as it goes by as I imagine how much bigger it's grown in a week and getting stronger. I know this baby is coming when it's supposed to and so excited to meet the little one. I enjoy my sleep so much at night but the thought of a little tiny baby all over again makes my heart swell. The boys talk about their baby all the time and Shaddie is starting to touch (okay, hit) my belly a lot, like he knows something is changing. 

We love you, sweet baby!

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