Thursday, September 24, 2015

Speech and Soccer

Sometimes I have a quick moment where I really can't believe that all these little boys are mine?! and maybe another one coming in just a few three months?? I'll see them all walking together, lately all holding hands together as they walk into a store, and it just hits me. I don't feel old enough and certainly at times, don't feel able enough to take on this huge responsibility, privilege and honor of raising righteous priesthood leaders but I certainly, am so incredibly grateful- even on the hard days. 

I officially am not allowed to run anymore due to all the cramping it's been causing. I really am bummed about it since I've worked so hard to try to keep my running up but oh well. At least I was able to do it for the last 25 weeks. Hopefully it all comes back. I just get bored with power walking, the bike and other machines. They still make me cramp a little so I've started not going all 5 days a week. I'll just see how things go. It really won't be that long from now!! Last week I had my glucose test and scheduled my LAST 4 week appointment- after that it's every 2 weeks!! Make me freak out a little...

It really has been nice having Ty around more of the day. It's still tough at times but overall, it's great. We get to do more things together (me and the three boys) and he's able to be more of a kid. I was worried what we'd fill our afternoons up with (since I can't handle just being at home with these guys everyday, all day) and I'm amazed by how quickly life has filled up!!! These days we're busy going to speech for all three boys, swimming, soccer for two boys, Levi will start itty-bitty football, and Ty will start basketball. Throw that all in with normal groceries, errands, callings and TJ being gone and it's a busy week, week after week! It's good. 

I was worried about Ty with his speech- long story short- the district wouldn't provide Ty services because, in their view, we chose to "opt out" of services since Ty goes to a private school for kindergarten. They'll only provide services in the district for private school kids if there's room- and of course, being in Utah county- there's no room. Well, after praying, searching online and talking to insurance I realized we'd just have to do private speech. Since the autism bill passed, we now get 30 speech sessions each year through insurance. Somehow I picked one place to go to, got an appointment and WOW! I'm amazed by how things have worked out! I'm actually SO GRATEFUL things didn't work out with the school district because what we're receiving is a million times better!! We've been going to Dry Creek Physical Therapy which also offers speech therapy. He works with Miss Ashley who is AMAZING. Probably the best speech therapist we've had in all the years of speech. She gladly is letting us come twice a week to get in our 30 sessions for the year and also let's Levi sit in on each session. Ashley has picked up on things in Ty's speech and understanding of language that no one else ever has- it's amazing and I'm seeing weekly progress instead of monthly or yearly. It's definitely exactly what we needed to fine tune his speech to enable him for public 1st grade next year in a new place!! I'm so humbled by Heavenly Father, for once again, leading us to exactly where we needed to be and what is the very best for Ty. 

It's so funny- Ty has speech twice a week, Levi has speech once a week and Shaddie has speech once every two weeks!! 

I can't believe Ty is only in kindergarten and I already am trying to keep track of all his homework! Everyday he has math, phonics, reading for 20 minutes, practice his speech and new this week- spelling words! We also practice the piano (everyday but Sunday) and chores! I was surprised a kindergartener has spelling- it's awesome!!

Shad loves sitting on top of the counters and will hang out there for 30+ minutes at a time while I'm doing dishes, cleaning or making dinner. My mom was shocked I could leave him there- ha!

A week ago or so, I let Molly outside in the front around 2 pm. Later that night we realized she wasn't anywhere to be found. That is so unlike Molls since she LOVES kids and just wants to be with them constantly. After searching around the neighbor I started getting worried that she either got hit by a car or someone took her since she's so friendly. It had to be one of those two because nothing would stop her from coming home or leaving for that long. I posted on facebook on several different neighborhood pages if anyone had seen her and no one had. We were hoping we'd wake up the next morning and she'd be just outside the door, waiting to come in. But I was started to get sad when she still wasn't anywhere around. A few hours later, we were headed out to Levi's soccer game and TJ opened the van door- what do you know, out popped out Molly!! She had been locked in the van for half of a day!! She was hungry and thirsty but surprisingly didn't even make a mess in the van! We were so happy and the boys were happy that Heavenly Father answered their prayers. We all realized how much we actually like this little doggie, even though she drives us crazy at times!!!

Levi had his first soccer game last Saturday! We told him if either boy scored a goal, they could pick out a $4 lego set. Levi was determined and worked SO hard- you could just tell he was trying with all his might!!! He finally scored one at the very end- but in the wrong goal!! He did even realize it.  TJ told him that it was on the wrong goal but still bought him a lego set because he tried so hard. :) I was pretty proud of him for trying so hard.

In the most shocked voice you can imagine: 
Levi, "THEM KNOWS MY NAME!! I just CANNOT believe it!!!!" 

Shad is constantly wrestling, laying on and jumping on Molly. She's so good- just takes it and sometimes enjoys it. They've become good buddies after the other boys are either asleep or at school- it's cute to watch them play. Molly constantly gnaws on Shad's hand- he just laughs. 

About 25+ times a morning when the boys are at school, this is our conversation:
Shad: "Uh Ty Ty??"
Me: "School."
Shad: "Ohhhhh."

Repeat that. Over and over and over......

At least lately he's starting to throw in Levi's name to mix things up.

I'm so grateful Ty is doing so well in school. We're sacrificing a lot for him to go to Kids Village and I'm just so glad it's exactly where he needs to be and thrive. He's always coming home and telling me the things he's learned in History or Science. The other day he told me all about the penny- how it has Abraham Lincoln on it and the back has a building in Washington DC and you can also call it ONE CENT. :) Today he told me all about the Eiffel Tower in France which is in Europe! I certainly had no idea about these things in kindergarten!! 

Family Pictures from the Spring

Family Pictures taken back when Derek got home from his mission (March 2015).

Crazy how little Ty looks! All the boys looks so much younger, actually.
The color scheme didn't work as well as I thought it would... but oh well! It's also crazy how it's already outdated with two new babies coming, Jessie getting married and Derek getting quite serious with a certain someone... :)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Soccer Starts

Soccer season has begun! This year the boys are on their own teams with different coaches. And each one has an awesome coach- I'm really excited for this season and they are already 10x better than last year. 
I'm actually shocked at how much each boy LOVES soccer this year- like polar opposite from last year. I feel like all the struggles from last season and TJ coaching has totally paid off and it was totally worth it- even though at times I thought why the heck are we doing this?? It was ridiculous some practices/games. It's so nice that TJ isn't coaching this year and the boys respond better to having an "official" coach. For some reason only Ty had a game this Saturday. But he played awesome and didn't want to ever come out. It was quite the opposite last year. :) Ty is the navy team called the Water Dragons. So far every sport team we've been on has had dragon in their team name. :)

Shaddie totally fell asleep on my bump the other night. Ha.

Levi and I had to go to a preschool thing and TJ asked Ty to baby-sit Shad while he mowed the lawn. Ty took it very seriously and was so excited to earn his dollar. He watched him super close and helped him every second. 

Just too tired to finish his oreo :)

Ty's Recent Sayings:

- "The Lamanites in Utah are all dead. That's why there's no different color people."
- "Oh Mom, it's partly cloudy today."
- "Trust me, Levi, fiction is another word for not real."
- Ty and Levi were playing house and Levi says, "Hi Teacher." Ty says, "No, Levi. You need to call me Miss Ty."
- "Levi just doesn't have very good memories. He doesn't remember anything."
- Ty was trying to convince Levi to start learning piano. "Levi!! It's soooooo fun and not scary!!!! I'll teach you!!! Do you want to do black keys or white keys?? Come on, I'll show you! You can do it- it's not just for 5 year olds!"
- I didn't bring clothes for them to change into after swimming and I told Ty he should've brought his own if he wanted to change. "No, Mom! You're the boss and you're smart!!"

Levi's Recent Sayings:

- "Bugs choose the wrong, especially mosquitos."
- "Mom, did you know fire keeps the clouds warm?"
- When we got home late and it was dark outside, "I just REALLY want some sunshine!"
- "Mom, do we have Barbies?" "No we don't." "Oh GOOD! I just do NOT like them."
- "Mom, did you know Superheroes don't go potty?"
- When Ty unbuckled his seatbelt to pick something up, Levi was teasing and said, "Tyyyy, I spy a policeman!!" When Ty started freaking out I told Levi to stop and be nice. Levi said, "Mom, don't worry! I'm just pretending to tease him!"
- "Are you a genius like me, Mom? Cause I'm just a super genius."
- "I just like to sit in the front of the shopping cart. Cause then I get to touch you."

Cecret Lake

 When Vannessa and Blake were in town, we hiked up to Cecret Lake. I had heard about it from a few other people so I was glad we did it- it was a great hike and the kids loved it! It was beautiful but we went later in the afternoon and didn't plan on it being as cold as it was!! We scrounged up whatever pants, sweatshirts and jackets we could find and were a pretty stylin' bunch. Utah really does have so many beautiful places to see. Ty was at the very front the whole time and kept yelling back to us slow ones how much longer until the lake. It was pretty funny. These boys had fun with their cousin, Tatum. We sure wish they were closer to them! Shaddie was freezing cold by the end but never even cried. He just loves being in the hiking backpack and getting to see everything up so high.  

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Babies Everywhere

If you're going to do something hard and crazy, might as well do it with someone else....or two!! 

Tara- Dec. 28 (surprise)
Vannessa- Feb. 10 (GIRL!)
Ginger- Dec. 24 (BOY!)

I love being pregnant with sister in laws!!! (and eventually with my own sisters too, I'm sure!). 
It's so nice to go through it together and have cousins the same age. When I was pregnant with Levi, Dezi and Ginger were pregnant with Brock and Parker- it's soooo fun for those three boys to all grow up together so close in age. When I was pregnant with Shaddie, Amy and Teddi were pregnant with Clay and Beau and that was awesome. Shad and Clay ended up being 3 weeks apart- the closest any of my kids are to their cousins.

Well, I think Ginger and I have that record beat this time! We're due 4 days apart!! (Even though it looks like I'm months ahead of both of them- I'm HUGE). 
I'm due December 28th and she's due December 24th with her third boy. 
Vannessa is due with a little GIRL!! on February 10th. This is the first granddaughter, besides Tatum (who joined our family last year when Vannessa and Blake got married). 

Since Vannessa was in town for Linda's wedding and we were all at the family dinner the night before in practically matching dresses, we tried to take a decent pregnancy pic of all of us- ha! After 40+ pics and three different people taking them for us, we gave up and this is all we got! Oh the joys of being humongous! ;)


24 Weeks

Last week I hit 24 weeks. This little baby is moving everywhere and I definitely am pregnant. Like I'm huge and feel even huger. I seriously am probably the same size I was when I delivered Ty. Each time I'm just shocked at how much bigger and harder it is each time around. I'm not complaining- I signed up for this and am grateful for the opportunity for another little buddy to come to our family. I'm actually getting quite excited for it. But it's definitely getting harder each go around. Sheesh. 

I have no idea how my mom did this 9 times. I feel like I should be 30+ week preg instead of only in the 20's. All the aches and pains started around 21 weeks and it's just tiring on the 30 year old body instead of 20's. I feel like everyone has their struggle during pregnancy and mine is weight gain. I've lost track of how much I've gained but it's at least 35 lbs. That is taxing on the body!! I can feel it!! Often I tell TJ that I'm not sure how many more times I can do this. And I've never thought that before. It's a good thing we forget and after a while, want to do this all over again!!

I continue to go to the gym everyday while the boys are at school. I enjoy it so much even though lately I haven't been able to work out as hard. My foot is finally better and so that's not an issue anymore but lately when I start running I just get really tight and almost cramping. So lately I've only been able to 1-2 miles. I don't think I can do a full 30 minutes anymore to get my 3 miles in. I just enjoy it and feel good after. I've worked so hard before to get back into shape I just hate to lose it. But it's slowly slipping away. Oh well, I'm excited to get back into shape after this little one and take a little break to get my body back. You'd think going to the gym so diligently would help with the weight gain but nope. Not at all. 

Christmas stuff is starting to come out and it's been fun buying a few things here and there! Even though it's a lame birthday after, I think it'll be kinda fun having a holiday baby and dressing he/she up in festive clothes and things. I even found a newborn sized Santa hat- cute!!!

I'm always grateful to make it to the age of viability and makes it a little more real. Each week is a relief as it goes by as I imagine how much bigger it's grown in a week and getting stronger. I know this baby is coming when it's supposed to and so excited to meet the little one. I enjoy my sleep so much at night but the thought of a little tiny baby all over again makes my heart swell. The boys talk about their baby all the time and Shaddie is starting to touch (okay, hit) my belly a lot, like he knows something is changing. 

We love you, sweet baby!