Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Love my Superheroes!

The other night we went to a Kids on the Move Alumni Party with a superhero theme. The kids could dress up and of course, my boys love that sort of thing. Before we left, I took these pics mostly because Shaddie was SO proud and felt so grown up. He kept showing his muscles like the other boys and HAD to be in the pictures. It hit me- hard- at that moment that if this baby is another little boy, I really will be so excited and it'll be just the perfect addition. I've been so excited to hope for a little girl and people all the time are telling me they are hoping we have one too but honestly, it doesn't matter. People think we're crazy for not finding out but really, I think it's kinda fun because what does it really matter? I love these boys and another boy would fit right in. Shaddie would have the perfect little buddy right next to him as his sidekick. 

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