Monday, August 3, 2015

Hendriksen Camping Trip

Last weekend we went camping up in AF Canyon by Tibble Fork Reservoir. Almost all the Hendriksens came (except Mandie and Adam- we missed them! and of course, Vannessa in Florida and her family) which was so fun to have everyone together. We got there Thursday night and stayed until Saturday morning. We had kayaks and a few different types of blow up rafts and floating things to play in the water with and a rope swing- it was really a lot of fun! The water was still pretty cold so it was quite a shock if you fell in! The weather was so nice and perfect for camping- just a little chilly at night!! Somehow at night, all three boys ended up (literally) snuggled on top of me so it wasn't exactly the best two nights sleep ever but we survived and had fun during the day! On our first night, BOTH boys wet the bed!!!! So it was kinda a miserable night the first night but it just made our own warm beds that much better when we got home! 

As soon as we arrived at our campsite, Ty started reading all the signs around us. I immediately worried about what he'd think about all the bear signs and knew he'd freak out. When he asked what it meant about "bear country" I tried to explain it the best I could. Surprisingly he remained very calm and became our food nazi- nothing could be left out that could bring the bears way over from across the other mountain. :) When he said the blessing on the food, he said, "thank you that the bears did not come and eat us and that they stayed far away in the other mountain. Help us to keep putting our foods away. And please bless our foods that they will taste very yummy."

Levi absolutely loved playing with his cousins, especially Parker and Brocky. It's so fun seeing those three grow up together and each year, get along better and better. Levi begged to go with Mamita and Grandpa Guy after it was over because Parker was going back with them. Ty had a Tball game and so we just let Levi go who was sooooo excited. Ty cried so hard saying, "But I'm just going to miss Levi so much!"

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