Thursday, August 13, 2015


I found a KSL deal for 40% off to stay overnight at Conestoga Ranch, a brand new glamping resort in Bear Lake. I've been wanting to go to Bear Lake all summer since we've never been and found the "glamor camping" so intriguing! Since TJ's birthday was on August 6th, we decided to go overnight in the middle of the week to celebrate his 31st birthday. It was so fun and such a great little trip with just our family together! 

The kids loved it and loved playing in the water. I'm so surprised it's taken me 7 years of living in Utah before finally making it up there!! It's such a great lake so close!!! 

We stayed in a huge covered wagon that had a king sized bed and two sets of bunk beds- the boys thought it was so awesome. We were so warm and comfy with the down comforters and a huge barn full of luxury showers and bathrooms! The Wednesday that we got there it was overcast and a little cooler but the next day was warmer and perfect weather. It was Raspberry Days while we were there so it was fun to celebrate in the small town festivities. I guess Bear Lake is famous for it's raspberry shakes since raspberries grow super well in the area from the dense soil so TJ chose that for his birthday cake and we sang to him over a nice cold shake! :) 

Ty's current signature pose for the camera- have you noticed yet?? He only does it for every single picture!! :)

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