Sunday, August 16, 2015

End of Summer

Ty finished up his T ball season! I was so surprised at how much he actually loved it and enjoyed it. So unlike soccer, ha! He loved every single practice and game and never once cried or had a meltdown. He loved doing it with his good friend, Xander Love who was at Giant Steps with Ty, so it was fun to hang out with their family twice a week. He actually improved a lot too! It was worth the effort :)

 We had a little Stay-cation with the Hendriksens for the end of summer. We had a BBQ, played water kickball, and went to a Salt Lake Bee's Game. We hadn't been to a game yet so it was fun! I hurt my foot this week- not sure what I did- so I looked ridiculous limping around all weekend. I think I've just been running too much?? I'm not sure but I'm hoping it just goes away :) We'll see. 

Ty's signature pose

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