Sunday, July 26, 2015

Zion's National Park Family Reunion

We headed down to Ponderosa Lodge in Zion's' National Park for our Allen Family Reunion 2015. It was SO fun!!! Just us Wengerts stayed in one big cabin which was really fun to be together. Sterling flew in to Salt Lake and Derek secretly picked him up and brought him down as well so he could surprise Jessie and propose to her since he's away in North Carolina doing summer sales. We also had 5 kids under 5 with three 18 months- haha! Shad is the agressive one that kept beating everyone up, Clay is the early riser that didn't like water and Beau just wanted to get everyone kisses and screamed at night when she was tired and was teething, ha! But overall, the kids did awesome and it really was such an enjoyable trip!

We went on two main hikes while we were there, one to the Narrows and the other was Overlook Point. The views were incredible and the water was so fun to play in! The babies were even neck deep. When we hiked the Narrows it took us a while to find the right place and a parking spot and to get on the shuttle. We left our cabin around 11 am but got delayed for a while and didn't make it back home until 4 or 5 pm! We had NO food and the poor kids were starving! We felt bad but they really were such champs. Ty and Levi loved the friendly squirrels and kept trying to pet them and name each one. 

Ponderosa was pretty awesome with so many activities in the actual resort to do besides hiking. Ty and Levi went to a Kids Camp two mornings from 9 am- 1 pm. They fed them, played in a neat play place, went rock climbing, rode horses, did the trampoline bungee, 4 wheeler rides, the zip line (my boys were too scared to do that one)- it was amazing and they LOVED it. It was nice to leave them there and go on a harder hike on Saturday morning. 

Traveling in the car is still hard with Shaddie. He wants to be entertained every second, wants out of his carseat and isn't interested in any shows or movies!! This was right before he colored all over his legs with markers. It was worth the 15 minutes of quiet. :)

Each of us couples took turns with one meal. We made Colombian arepas and eggs for our breakfast and TJ came prepared with all his Colombian gear. 

I was surprised the boys did so well with many of these activities!! Ty gets scared and major anxiety over so many things (it worries me at times) and then Levi is influenced by him. Makes me frustrated because they would love doing some of the things they get "scared" of. But they did so great at this Kids Camp!! Ty even rode horses and he's been scared of that lately! Levi went to the very top of the trampoline bungee!! Ty wouldn't but he figured out how to do back flips at a low spot on the tramp and did awesome! I was happy they tried new things. They kept talking about how Ty did back flips like Iron Man and Levi flew to the top like Spider-Man.

It was fun to spend time with almost the entire Allen Family! All my mom's siblings were there except Paul (they had a baby girl recently) and all the cousins except Melissa and Jared (living in NYC) and Kole and Courtney (working). All of my siblings were there so it was fun to be complete.

My mom and Aunt Lisa put together an Easter Egg Hunt in July. One for the kids and one for the adults- everyone came away with major prizes! It was pretty fun even if we got beat up in the woods fighting for eggs!

We all did the Zip Line!!

I got desperate on the drive home and let him sit in Levi's car seat for a little while he pretended he was playing the iPad. He thought it was so cool and grown up, acting and looking just like the big boys.

We tried so hard to go to church on Sunday, the last day we were there. We had to check out of our cabin by 11 am and we had definitely moved in since Wednesday- so much stuff!! But we did it and got everyone dressed and packed and was on our way to get to the Springdale church. However we had to drive through Zions and the trailer my dad had was too wide for the tunnels and my dad was about to pay the $120 fee to shut down the tunnel for us to drive through until we realized we'd be late anyways and maybe just not worth it. Blessings for trying, right?? 

It was SO nice only being about 4 hours away instead of a full on drive home. We lived the closest so we got to the cabin first and it was so nice just to relax and spend time with family. Being pregnant I get sick in the car on long drives so it was nice that it was pretty short! 
TJ especially needed the break from work and school. It rained a few times and was pleasantly cool and a hard storm came on the last day. I almost had wished I brought jackets for everyone! It rained hard enough that the power went out and so it was fun to just hang out and talk for hours. All of us couples went into the hot tub until it was overflowing and stayed up telling stories. The kids played hard so they slept hard and neither Ty or Levi had accidents- YAY!!! We came home just in time for Trishell to come spend the night with her kids since EFY was the following day for Braman and Jadee. Janae came home to our house and was also going to the same session. So the vacation continued!

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