Saturday, July 4, 2015


This past week, the boys and I had a little Stay-cation since it's the only week out of the entire summer that we had absolutely nothing scheduled- a completely open week. Every day we went to the gym at 8 am, then came home to do chores/jobs (our dailies) and after Shad's nap we were free to go out and do something!!
Monday we went to the dollar theater and saw Home. The boys thought it was so funny kept talking about their favorite parts. They were in heaven with their popcorn and candy. I took Shad mostly because I wanted to experiment and see how well or awful he did. I was actually surprised- he did pretty good overall! He sat there for about half of it, content with popcorn and the ice from my drink! It was a fun little outing and it's SO nice that I can just leave Ty and Levi when I need to take Shaddie out and not worry. They were perfectly behaved- it's fun having kids grow up a little :) 

Tuesday we stopped by the Lehi Fire Department to get our F for Fire Station and then went swimming at the Lehi Legacy Center. Ty and Lev just love the lazy river :) Afterwards I had 2 free kids meals to Texas Roadhouse so we got dinner after since TJ had school until late. The boys ate TONS- they loved that place!

Wednesday we went to the Bean Museum at BYU. Ty has a hard time with taxidermy animals so doesn't exactly love museums. We've struggled on each school field trip that we've gone on that had those types of animals on display so this was good practice for him. No meltdowns but just scared and hangs on to me and hides his face. He knows they aren't real but he just has a hard time. After we went to the Mickey store (Disney store at the mall) and got an ice cream cone- one of their favorite outings we do.

Thursday we met up with Ginger, Parker and Lawson and went to This is the Place Monument- my friend told me how cool it was and I've been wanting to go ever since. It was so great! My kids loved it and we spent SIX hours there!! We left because it closed! It was like a mini Nauvoo with tons of activities for the kids, people in pioneer clothes everywhere, train rides, pony rides and a splash pad that they played in for over an hour. It was definitely the best thing we did this week and I loved trying to teach them about their heritage and our ancestors. It was neat to find Shadrach Roundy's name on one of the statues. It was exhausting by the time we got home but so worth it. 

Friday we went on a small kids' hike to The Grotto in Payson Canyon. TJ only had to work half a day so he was able to come with us. The water level was definitely a lot lower than what we expected but it was a nice and easy hike, which was perfect for the boys. It was kinda a far drive for such little water though but it was still fun.

At the museum there was a whole section dedicated to President Packer which displayed all his artwork throughout his life. There were drawings from when he was a little boy and letters home that he wrote during the war and drew pictures of birds and animals on the envelopes. It was amazing and so neat to see! This was his own personal Book of Mormon that he used during WWII. It was touching that we went and saw this two days before he passed away (7/3/15). 

Parker looked so cute wearing his cowboy hat :)

Pushing the double stroller when all 3 boys didn't want to walk anymore, in the heat and uphill, definitely increased my admiration for the handcart pioneers!!!

These doughnuts were from Brigham Young's original recipe! 

One boy said he needed to use the bathroom really bad and we turned around to see the 3 boys all doing this, ha. Ty's tanline is crazy!

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