Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pioneer Day and Siblings

 Levi had one little cavity starting that we had to get filled- ugh! Makes me ticked! It's our first one ever :( I thought Levi would be all goofy on the laughing gas but he was pretty normal and just watched the movie on the ceiling and didn't move a muscle. I've been letting the boys brush their teeth independently but guess that's not working well. Ty had to stay with Levi so he could watch everything- it was kinda cute. 

We made lunches for homeless people for our V is for Volunteer pin for the Kids Village summer program. We've done all the letters now except for one!! It was good for the boys to realize not everyone has all the food they want- they were so confused as to why they don't have any food. We dropped the sack lunches off at the Food and Care Coalition in Provo. 

Picking up a Baskin Robbins bday cake for Uncle Dery's birthday requires testing out the ice cream cones. 

Derek has been living with us all summer and he had his 21st birthday on the same day Ty had his surgery. We had fried potatoes, green chili, eggs and bacon with pralines and cream bday cake to celebrate! Derek has been selling pest control in Salt Lake County all summer and works from about 8 am- 10 pm so he's gone most of the time and is working hard! The boys love having him around when he is home- it's been cute to watch them get to closer to him.

It's funny seeing three little heads with hats on now. Shad has to fit in with the rest and wear his hat.

Ty has been doing great when he has his medicine- it's kinda of a roller coaster ride and hard to predict or stay on top of the pain because it varies so much. Usually we go out in the afternoons because I'm going crazy and need to get some errands done. He's had a lot of shaved ice and usually has a blue stained mouth every day. :) Today is Day 7 and so far yesterday and early this morning have been the worst pain-wise. He woke up screaming at 3 am saying his was "hurting so bad" and stayed awake since then. When he wakes up with pain like that he is unreasonable and inconsolable. It takes about 20 minutes to calm him down and for the meds to start working. I'm going to be so glad when this is all over and we can get back to our daily routine and schedule. It has also given me a added level of gratitude for our continual health!!! 

Janae spent last week at EFY and was able to stay until Monday with us- it was SO fun having her here, just hanging out!!! We ate lots of yummy food at Utah places she hadn't been to before (like Swig!) and just playing with the boys and watching movies with Ty. She's so easygoing and nice to have around- she's the best!! I just love my littlest sister!!

 We had our Pioneer Sunday with sharing time all about the pioneers. I set up a little pioneer photo booth and took pictures of each class dressed up in pioneer clothes- it turned out cute and the kids loved it! The primary presidency dressed up as well. During the combined sharing time and singing time the kids sat on blankets and made butter to put on homemade bread- they loved it. 

Love these ladies!

Levi shakin' his butter!

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