Thursday, July 9, 2015

Levi's Birthday

 Levi was SO excited for his Paw Patrol birthday- him and Ty would count down the days every morning for the past few weeks. He had his birthday party on his actual birthday, July 7th, at Kangaroo Zoo. It's a giant bounce house place with about 10+ slides and bounce houses. We had a party room for presents and cake and pizza there as well- it was the perfect place for a 4 year old party! The kids that were able to come were:

Parker and Lawson 
Brock (Trey was sick)
Liam and Aiden
Ty and Shad
(Lane and Shawnda were out of town)

Perfect amount of kids and they were all so well behaved! It actually was quite enjoyable since Ginger and Dezi were there with me. The kids played their hearts out for the first little while, then we had pizza, cupcakes, played Pin the Badge on Chase the Police Dog, opened presents and sang Happy Birthday with cake. Then they played for a little longer and it was over- perfect amount of time and so nice to come home to a nice clean house :) Not too many kids or presents so Levi wasn't too overwhelmed or acted crazy. So overall, Levi had a great day and he's so excited to be 4 finally!

Levi- 4 years old
Weight: 31.0 lbs, 9th percentile
Height: 38.4 in, 12th percentile

We finally made it into the 30's for weight and up to the 9th percentile!! He's been in the 4th for the past 2 years so we consider this an accomplishment! 

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