Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This is a picture of a baby for sale that came with a hiking backpack since he wouldn't let you put him down!! The offer is still available but not as imperative today. :) Dang molars!

This is a picture of the poppyseed chicken dinner that was supposed to go to a family in our ward in an hour that it fell from the counter. I heard it fall and then a hysterical crying, "I'm sorry, Mommy! I just wanted to look at it!!" while shuddering and heaving with sobs. Poor Levi was so upset I couldn't even be upset. He felt so bad! I told him next time if he wanted to look at it to just ask him and I'd show him and between sobs he said, "I will try my very best, Mom." :)

Levi had a dentist appointment today and he had one little cavity starting- ugh! Guess that what's happens when you start to let them brush their own. 

Levi was so excited to get sung to in Primary for his birthday!

I took Liam and Aiden to the birthday party since Kelby was putting on a Lego Camp for Ty and Liam and other friends right when we got back. Van full of boys!!

Levi LOVED his lego treehouse set from Grandma Wengert. These boys play legos everyday!

We went to the Pre-op Hop at American Fork hospital to prep Ty for his upcoming tonsillectomy. It's put on by the Child Life Specialists and is a little hands-on activity of what to expect to help kids be less anxious. I knew we needed it after the first time I brought it up, Ty fell on the floor and was about to have a meltdown because he was scared and didn't want to do it. After this experience, he can't wait and is so excited- he's already planning what blanket and stuffed animal to bring. Everytime we pass by the hospital he excitedly points out that's where is surgery is going to be. I was SO impressed with it and it did wonders. It completely turned Ty around by simply just showing and explaining to him exactly what will happen, in the exact order. He got to take home a hospital buddy that he drew a face on with a hospital gown, and a surgical hat and mask as well as Shad and Lev. We got a tour of the whole surgical unit, met some of the staff and got a popsicle on our way out. Seriously, it was perfect for anxious kids and was so huge for Ty. I was very appreciative. 

Ty did a Lego camp at the Ellis' house for a few days in the afternoon last week- he LOVED it. Kelby is always so organized and creative. Ty loved being with older kids and learning how to creatively build. It was actually really good for him. Levi and Aiden played at our house but they had a hard time because it was for kids 5 and older. 

I got some disappointing news right after I took this pic. I didn't get a PRN job that I thought would be perfect  at the new Mountain Point hospital. It was 1800-0000 once every two weeks!! Perfect, right? But he offered to someone else and I felt bad about it, mostly because I think I was too honest to the manager (I knew him so wanted to be up front) . I told him about us moving next spring and baby #4- maybe I shouldn't have?? Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be. But when I looked at this picture it made me laugh right out loud and my disappointment was gone. How can this pic not cheer anyone up? 

Levi loves sparkling water almost as much as I do!

Shad found the last crumbs and pieces of the cereal bag and dumped them all out on the table and the floor so he could lay on his stomach and lick it all up.

Peyton got baptized last weekend! These boys had fun playing together.

Ty's Recent Sayings:
- Ty is always telling Levi, "Just take a bite, Lev! Come on, you wanna go to Legoland!" when I tell Levi to keep eating or take another bite. 

- Ty said, "I NEED TO GO POTTY!! But.... I can hold it." When I asked him how long he could hold it, he said, "Probably 100 lbs."

- "Mosquitoes are the baddest bugs in the world cause they're the scariest."

-Ty really, really, really wants to name the new baby (girl- there is absolutely certainty in his mind) Princess. He also likes Rapunzel, Little mermaid and Lizzie.

- In one of his prayers, " Please bless that will be no tornados or emergency where we have to use our backpacks for an emergency."

Levi's Recent Sayings:
- All three boys were talking about how they all want baby sisters. Parker wanted to name his Batgirl, Ty wants Princess, and Levi wants Tigee (what he calls his stuffed tiger).

- Levi is always saying, "Sure, mom." Sure to everything!! If I ask if he needs to go potty or is hungry- sure!

- He's also saying, "Aww snap!" and "I just can NOT believe it!" and "Wait, wait, wait a minute! I have an idea!!" He's also always singing, "Oh I just can not wait to be a king!"

- He asked me, "Did you see that??!" when I said no, he told me, "Okay, next time don't move your head."

- "Mom!! My special part is getting bigger! It's growing!"

- "TY! That makes me ANGRY!! That breaks my heart!"

- Liam and Aiden were playing at our house and they all wanted to play outside instead of go upstairs and play legos. Levi came to me with the saddest face and tears running down, "That broke my heart! They don't want to play with our amazing legos!"

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