Monday, July 6, 2015

July 4th

This year for the 4th of July we went on a hike the day before since I had Stake Baptisms to go to in the middle of the morning. Then we had a BBQ at home and headed to Thanksgiving Point park to get a good spot to watch the fireworks. Not only did we get an awesome spot but we survived waiting for FOUR hours for the fireworks to start!!! Crazy, right?? But the kids just played and enjoyed being outside and we just relaxed and hung out. Derek was with us and we had lots of pillows and blankets to get comfy with. I tried to get a good pic of the 3 boys in their USA shirts but didn't exactly happen!! Crazy kids. 

The boys couldn't get over that America had a birthday and kept cracking up over it. :)

I thought there would be more food trucks at the park but there wasn't much selection. We didn't want to lose our awesome parking spot since leaving the park is chaos and could take forever to get out of there. So we finally ended up ordering pizza and had it delivered to the park so we wouldn't have to drive. Next time we'll plan better!!

The boys did so well waiting all that time for the fireworks!! All 3 fell asleep during the actual show but woke up by the time it was time to go. I was impressed with Ty- he's never liked fireworks before and last year hated them because they were so loud (sensory issues). But this year he was so excited to see them and when they started he just covered his ears the entire time and watched the show- I was so happy he's learning how to deal with the sensory stuff that bothers him!!! 

This kid next to us started blowing bubbles which caught the attention of all my boys and they started chasing the bubbles. This nice kid kept blowing them for forever and my kids got such a kick out of it, especially Shaddie. He kept yelling, "BUBBLE!" and it was pretty clear! You could actually tell what he was saying! It was pretty cute :)

I told the boys whoever smiled the biggest meant they liked fireworks the best :) 

I got Ty a new kindergarten workbook to work on during the summer- he LOVES it. I have to ration how many pages he does a day otherwise that's all he'd do all day long. I'm pretty impressed- he can read all the directions and knows what to do. I think he's very ready for kindergarten.

Us taking selfies while waiting for forever. They thought it was SO funny to put their dirty feet in the picture- gross, I know!

Getting so close to fireworks starting!!!!

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