Monday, July 27, 2015

18 Months and Weeks

18 Months!
Weight: 23 lbs, 12.5 oz (45th percentile)
Length: 33 inches (72nd percentile)
Head circ: 48.2 cm (73rd percentile)

At 18 months, Shaddie was so ready for nursery!! Church was getting ridiculous with TJ teaching elder's quorum every week and me being Primary. TJ was a little anxious at first but grabbed his favorite blanket (a worn out Aiden and Anais muslin swaddle blanket with stars on it) and stayed the whole time without any problems! It was so nice!! TJ said he went running to him as soon as it was over and TJ came to get him :)

Shaddie loves Rubble from Paw Patrol and yells "MOM!" really loud whenever he sees it when we're out and about. He also loves Mickey Mouse and Nemo but doesn't watch any shows and has a pretty short attention span. He is starting to fold his arms and squint his eyes for a few seconds and will lay down with us for about 2-3 books when we read at night. He's a pretty good eater and will eat just about anything. 

Like I said, when he yells "MOM!" over and over he doesn't necessary mean he's talking to me- it could be TJ or any other adult figure that's around like grandpa, Derek or Janae. It's pretty funny but very loud. He also says, "Ty Ty" (and usually yells that one too), "ruff ruff (dog)", "hi" and that's about it, consistently. Last week he qualified for speech!! (surprise, surprise!) so we'll be starting that soon, along with Ty and Levi when the school year starts. :) He signs more, please, Jesus, and all done. He's starting to have an ornery streak and I think it comes from being the youngest of three boys! He'll push, kick and scratch if he's mad so we're working on being "soft"and hopefully he won't be the bully of the nursery!!!

Shad has a thing about shoes and loves to wear them- his or anyone else's. He constantly bringing me shoes to put on and gets frustrated when he trips while wearing TJ's. He loves to be involved in anything and everything that the other boys are doing and is still a momma's boy. He does love his dad in the mornings and is a major snuggler still. He takes one nap in the afternoon. He sleeps all night long but usually it's in bed, snuggled with mom. It's an awful habit I'm not sure how to break, especially with a new baby coming!! He starts out in his crib and takes all his naps in his crib but just wants to touch human flesh!! We've slept together almost his whole, entire night- rarely apart- so it's all my fault. He absolutely loves when we lay on our left sides with my left arm out and he snuggles up against my whole body with his legs up on my mine and his head resting on my arm. We fit just like a puzzle piece and he'll sleep there all night long if he could!!

He still refuses to take any type of sippy and just drinks from a regular cup. It's hard to force milk down him and I measure our 8 oz in the beginning of the day and just try to get that much down him- drives me crazy!! He chugs water though and of course, juice, but I don't buy it very often. 

His nicknames are Shaddie, Baby, Baby Boy, and Shaddie Baddie.

He has light brown hair and deep, dark brown eyes and the cheesiest smile you've ever seen with giant gapped front teeth. When you tell him to smile or say cheese, he'll smile super big while squinting his eyes. He often will scowl at you and then smile, back to scowling, then smiling- it's a little game he likes to play. He runs super fast, probably as fast as Ty could run and always has a bruise or bump on his head from falling. He's our climber and the most fearless of the boys. He's up on the kitchen table at least 20x a day and likes to eat up there too. Even though he's pretty crazy and likes to run, he doesn't stray too far from mom and does have a sense of caution to him. 

He's starting to become the troublemaker of the three boys!! When we go to stores now, it's him that is hitting, yelling or causing problems!! Suddenly we've become a loud, obnoxious mess when we go to stores!! He hates sitting in the front seat of the shopping cart and has to sit in the very back or ride in the extra part of the car shopping cart or blue part that attaches to the front of it at Walmart. It's a little ridiculous and often the older boys will come crying to him saying Shad hit them or is being mean!! We're working on being nice and soft!

This little boy constantly keeps us on our toes, laughing and entertained. He adds so much and has a such a sweet personality to him as well, such a cuddler and loves his family. We love our Shaddie boy!!

18 Weeks

(I hate taking these progressive pregnancy pictures but the kids love seeing them later and it's kinda obligatory for documentation sake- that's my disclaimer!)

I'm starting to get a little tiny bit freaked out that I'm almost half way done! We're so excited for this baby to come but not anytime soon! I've felt like it's forever away but with the 20 week ultrasound coming up it kinda makes me feel all weird! Four kids just seems like a lot, especially with TJ being gone so much. But it's okay, we'll get through it and it'll be so worth it once the little blob is here!!!

We got a free crib from our neighbor so that'll be nice to not be forced to move Shad out of his. I've never had this age gap before and it makes me a little worried- Shad is very jealous of other babies and is half way between a baby himself and a big kid. :) It took a while to find the right screws to put it together with but it's finally up and in it's little corner in our room- it looks so cute! But I do wonder a few times a day if it'll have blue sheets or pink?? ;) It's driving lots of people crazy that we're not finding out- it's kinda fun!!!

I'm feeling a lot better and don't get sick very often anymore. It still does come but not nearly as often or as strong. I just feel chubby and already not a lot of summer maternity clothes to wear- just fat and not many options for clothes- I hate that feeling. My belly is huge- soooo much bigger than I was with the other boys but I've just come to face the fact that each time I'll get bigger and I'm in my 30's now. :) Not really any major cravings- it changes daily and weekly. I've been getting headaches (not migraines- yay!!) frequently but not bad ones. My hands and fingers swell at night or walking a lot already and I often don't wear my wedding ring. I've felt the baby move for the last 3 weeks or so- it's so cute feeling it's tiny kicks and movements! 

It's been really fun being pregnant with Ginger at the same exact time- I've actually really enjoyed having a buddy literally feeling the same exact way as me. Comforting, really. She found out she was having boy #3 about two weeks ago and it was kinda neat watching her go through the exact same things/feelings/emotions that I did when I found out Shad was another boy. 

Ty still comes up to my belly, daily, to tickle the baby. He still talks about his baby girl sister and always coming up with names. He's still convinced it's a girl. I go back and forth and have weird dreams about both genders. It seems so weird not to know what it is by now since we already knew with all the other boys for a while now. We're still holding strong!!! Everyone keeps asking me how I won't look at the 20 week ultrasound- I haven't exactly figured that out yet!! I am a little worried I'll accidentally see the gender, especially if it's a boy.... but then again a tiny part of me is starting to want to know so badly!! No matter what though, TJ doesn't want to know and wants to be completely surprised. We'll see what happens!! 

What happens when TJ is super busy with work and school and I finally decide to put the baby's new dresser together myself.... sheesh!!! It was a lot of work and I was so proud of myself about 3/4ths of the way through until I got to the end. After two hours I realized I put the bottom piece on backwards and the drawers aren't opening well!! By that time I was over it and it was at least put together and standing so TJ will have to fix it, ha! But baby's corner in our room looks so cute with the white little crib and black dresser!! I already have two ideas of how to decorate it with either blue or pink :)

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