Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pioneer Day and Siblings

 Levi had one little cavity starting that we had to get filled- ugh! Makes me ticked! It's our first one ever :( I thought Levi would be all goofy on the laughing gas but he was pretty normal and just watched the movie on the ceiling and didn't move a muscle. I've been letting the boys brush their teeth independently but guess that's not working well. Ty had to stay with Levi so he could watch everything- it was kinda cute. 

We made lunches for homeless people for our V is for Volunteer pin for the Kids Village summer program. We've done all the letters now except for one!! It was good for the boys to realize not everyone has all the food they want- they were so confused as to why they don't have any food. We dropped the sack lunches off at the Food and Care Coalition in Provo. 

Picking up a Baskin Robbins bday cake for Uncle Dery's birthday requires testing out the ice cream cones. 

Derek has been living with us all summer and he had his 21st birthday on the same day Ty had his surgery. We had fried potatoes, green chili, eggs and bacon with pralines and cream bday cake to celebrate! Derek has been selling pest control in Salt Lake County all summer and works from about 8 am- 10 pm so he's gone most of the time and is working hard! The boys love having him around when he is home- it's been cute to watch them get to closer to him.

It's funny seeing three little heads with hats on now. Shad has to fit in with the rest and wear his hat.

Ty has been doing great when he has his medicine- it's kinda of a roller coaster ride and hard to predict or stay on top of the pain because it varies so much. Usually we go out in the afternoons because I'm going crazy and need to get some errands done. He's had a lot of shaved ice and usually has a blue stained mouth every day. :) Today is Day 7 and so far yesterday and early this morning have been the worst pain-wise. He woke up screaming at 3 am saying his was "hurting so bad" and stayed awake since then. When he wakes up with pain like that he is unreasonable and inconsolable. It takes about 20 minutes to calm him down and for the meds to start working. I'm going to be so glad when this is all over and we can get back to our daily routine and schedule. It has also given me a added level of gratitude for our continual health!!! 

Janae spent last week at EFY and was able to stay until Monday with us- it was SO fun having her here, just hanging out!!! We ate lots of yummy food at Utah places she hadn't been to before (like Swig!) and just playing with the boys and watching movies with Ty. She's so easygoing and nice to have around- she's the best!! I just love my littlest sister!!

 We had our Pioneer Sunday with sharing time all about the pioneers. I set up a little pioneer photo booth and took pictures of each class dressed up in pioneer clothes- it turned out cute and the kids loved it! The primary presidency dressed up as well. During the combined sharing time and singing time the kids sat on blankets and made butter to put on homemade bread- they loved it. 

Love these ladies!

Levi shakin' his butter!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ty's Surgery

Ty had his tonsils and adenoids removed on Wed. July 22nd. For the last year or two, each doctor that would inspect his mouth would always comment on how huge his tonsils were. Finally, at his 4 year old well check up appointment, the dr. gave us a referral to an ENT to see if they should be removed. Well, there was no question, they needed to come out, especially since he does have some periods of apnea and snores pretty bad. Ages 4-6 is the optimal age to get them out at so here we are! It also made me wonder if his difficulty sleeping that I always attributed to his autism could also be interconnected to his tonsils?? My mom said when my little brother got his out he never wet the bed again and we've been having some of those issues as well :) So we'll see!! Hopefully it makes a difference and we get through it okay!!

Today is day 6 post surgery and it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be! He definitely has been in pain and not himself (more irritable and grumpy) but thank goodness for good medicine! He's had a few different episodes where the pain just hits and he starts screaming, "ow! ow! this hurts so bad!" and he's inconsolable, writhing on the ground. I'll hurry and give him both the Lortab elixir and motrin and after about 20 minutes he's better and it's passed. Then there's other times where he's running around, his normal self and you can't even tell he just had surgery! Days 3-5 are supposed to be the worst and then days 7-10 are rough because those scabs are falling off and there's a small chance of rebleeding. He's been doing awesome with staying hydrated and drinking tons of fluids, eating lots of ice cream and popsicles. It seems like he's eating all day long since those types of foods don't get him very full. I wish he'd eat normal things like soup, broth, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, etc. 

I was so surprised when he came out he wasn't crying, like all the kids around us (okay, they were screaming!) and didn't even make a peep the whole time we were there. He was very distracted by cartoons on real TV and just quietly ate his popsicle and slushies. The staff at American Fork Hospital were so good to us and I was again, so grateful for the little prep meeting we came to earlier. He had no problems with being NPO before his surgery which was at 8:30 am and zero anxiety driving over and arriving there. Everyone said he was the model patient :) 

Dr. Porter did the surgery and said his tonsils were Grade 3 (the largest are a 4) and showed them to me! It's been a little tricky for me to be home all day and not have things scheduled out completely and out of our normal routine. We haven't done our dailies and they have watched movies or played on the 24/7 all day long- which we've never done before in our lives!! It's hard to tell Levi no and yes to Ty. Levi has a fever blister on his lip so he keeps saying that hurts and he needs medicine and to rest like Ty. :) It'll just be nice to get back to our normal schedule and routine soon!! But overall, Ty's been a trooper and we're almost over this!! Good job Ty!

My mom was so sweet and sent him balloons and a gift from the hospital gift shop. He calls his new dinosaur "Triceratops-ie" and carries it around everywhere. Dr. Porter also gave him a teddy bear with a ribbon that says "Dr. Porter loves me." 

18 Months and Weeks

18 Months!
Weight: 23 lbs, 12.5 oz (45th percentile)
Length: 33 inches (72nd percentile)
Head circ: 48.2 cm (73rd percentile)

At 18 months, Shaddie was so ready for nursery!! Church was getting ridiculous with TJ teaching elder's quorum every week and me being Primary. TJ was a little anxious at first but grabbed his favorite blanket (a worn out Aiden and Anais muslin swaddle blanket with stars on it) and stayed the whole time without any problems! It was so nice!! TJ said he went running to him as soon as it was over and TJ came to get him :)

Shaddie loves Rubble from Paw Patrol and yells "MOM!" really loud whenever he sees it when we're out and about. He also loves Mickey Mouse and Nemo but doesn't watch any shows and has a pretty short attention span. He is starting to fold his arms and squint his eyes for a few seconds and will lay down with us for about 2-3 books when we read at night. He's a pretty good eater and will eat just about anything. 

Like I said, when he yells "MOM!" over and over he doesn't necessary mean he's talking to me- it could be TJ or any other adult figure that's around like grandpa, Derek or Janae. It's pretty funny but very loud. He also says, "Ty Ty" (and usually yells that one too), "ruff ruff (dog)", "hi" and that's about it, consistently. Last week he qualified for speech!! (surprise, surprise!) so we'll be starting that soon, along with Ty and Levi when the school year starts. :) He signs more, please, Jesus, and all done. He's starting to have an ornery streak and I think it comes from being the youngest of three boys! He'll push, kick and scratch if he's mad so we're working on being "soft"and hopefully he won't be the bully of the nursery!!!

Shad has a thing about shoes and loves to wear them- his or anyone else's. He constantly bringing me shoes to put on and gets frustrated when he trips while wearing TJ's. He loves to be involved in anything and everything that the other boys are doing and is still a momma's boy. He does love his dad in the mornings and is a major snuggler still. He takes one nap in the afternoon. He sleeps all night long but usually it's in bed, snuggled with mom. It's an awful habit I'm not sure how to break, especially with a new baby coming!! He starts out in his crib and takes all his naps in his crib but just wants to touch human flesh!! We've slept together almost his whole, entire night- rarely apart- so it's all my fault. He absolutely loves when we lay on our left sides with my left arm out and he snuggles up against my whole body with his legs up on my mine and his head resting on my arm. We fit just like a puzzle piece and he'll sleep there all night long if he could!!

He still refuses to take any type of sippy and just drinks from a regular cup. It's hard to force milk down him and I measure our 8 oz in the beginning of the day and just try to get that much down him- drives me crazy!! He chugs water though and of course, juice, but I don't buy it very often. 

His nicknames are Shaddie, Baby, Baby Boy, and Shaddie Baddie.

He has light brown hair and deep, dark brown eyes and the cheesiest smile you've ever seen with giant gapped front teeth. When you tell him to smile or say cheese, he'll smile super big while squinting his eyes. He often will scowl at you and then smile, back to scowling, then smiling- it's a little game he likes to play. He runs super fast, probably as fast as Ty could run and always has a bruise or bump on his head from falling. He's our climber and the most fearless of the boys. He's up on the kitchen table at least 20x a day and likes to eat up there too. Even though he's pretty crazy and likes to run, he doesn't stray too far from mom and does have a sense of caution to him. 

He's starting to become the troublemaker of the three boys!! When we go to stores now, it's him that is hitting, yelling or causing problems!! Suddenly we've become a loud, obnoxious mess when we go to stores!! He hates sitting in the front seat of the shopping cart and has to sit in the very back or ride in the extra part of the car shopping cart or blue part that attaches to the front of it at Walmart. It's a little ridiculous and often the older boys will come crying to him saying Shad hit them or is being mean!! We're working on being nice and soft!

This little boy constantly keeps us on our toes, laughing and entertained. He adds so much and has a such a sweet personality to him as well, such a cuddler and loves his family. We love our Shaddie boy!!

18 Weeks

(I hate taking these progressive pregnancy pictures but the kids love seeing them later and it's kinda obligatory for documentation sake- that's my disclaimer!)

I'm starting to get a little tiny bit freaked out that I'm almost half way done! We're so excited for this baby to come but not anytime soon! I've felt like it's forever away but with the 20 week ultrasound coming up it kinda makes me feel all weird! Four kids just seems like a lot, especially with TJ being gone so much. But it's okay, we'll get through it and it'll be so worth it once the little blob is here!!!

We got a free crib from our neighbor so that'll be nice to not be forced to move Shad out of his. I've never had this age gap before and it makes me a little worried- Shad is very jealous of other babies and is half way between a baby himself and a big kid. :) It took a while to find the right screws to put it together with but it's finally up and in it's little corner in our room- it looks so cute! But I do wonder a few times a day if it'll have blue sheets or pink?? ;) It's driving lots of people crazy that we're not finding out- it's kinda fun!!!

I'm feeling a lot better and don't get sick very often anymore. It still does come but not nearly as often or as strong. I just feel chubby and already not a lot of summer maternity clothes to wear- just fat and not many options for clothes- I hate that feeling. My belly is huge- soooo much bigger than I was with the other boys but I've just come to face the fact that each time I'll get bigger and I'm in my 30's now. :) Not really any major cravings- it changes daily and weekly. I've been getting headaches (not migraines- yay!!) frequently but not bad ones. My hands and fingers swell at night or walking a lot already and I often don't wear my wedding ring. I've felt the baby move for the last 3 weeks or so- it's so cute feeling it's tiny kicks and movements! 

It's been really fun being pregnant with Ginger at the same exact time- I've actually really enjoyed having a buddy literally feeling the same exact way as me. Comforting, really. She found out she was having boy #3 about two weeks ago and it was kinda neat watching her go through the exact same things/feelings/emotions that I did when I found out Shad was another boy. 

Ty still comes up to my belly, daily, to tickle the baby. He still talks about his baby girl sister and always coming up with names. He's still convinced it's a girl. I go back and forth and have weird dreams about both genders. It seems so weird not to know what it is by now since we already knew with all the other boys for a while now. We're still holding strong!!! Everyone keeps asking me how I won't look at the 20 week ultrasound- I haven't exactly figured that out yet!! I am a little worried I'll accidentally see the gender, especially if it's a boy.... but then again a tiny part of me is starting to want to know so badly!! No matter what though, TJ doesn't want to know and wants to be completely surprised. We'll see what happens!! 

What happens when TJ is super busy with work and school and I finally decide to put the baby's new dresser together myself.... sheesh!!! It was a lot of work and I was so proud of myself about 3/4ths of the way through until I got to the end. After two hours I realized I put the bottom piece on backwards and the drawers aren't opening well!! By that time I was over it and it was at least put together and standing so TJ will have to fix it, ha! But baby's corner in our room looks so cute with the white little crib and black dresser!! I already have two ideas of how to decorate it with either blue or pink :)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Zion's National Park Family Reunion

We headed down to Ponderosa Lodge in Zion's' National Park for our Allen Family Reunion 2015. It was SO fun!!! Just us Wengerts stayed in one big cabin which was really fun to be together. Sterling flew in to Salt Lake and Derek secretly picked him up and brought him down as well so he could surprise Jessie and propose to her since he's away in North Carolina doing summer sales. We also had 5 kids under 5 with three 18 months- haha! Shad is the agressive one that kept beating everyone up, Clay is the early riser that didn't like water and Beau just wanted to get everyone kisses and screamed at night when she was tired and was teething, ha! But overall, the kids did awesome and it really was such an enjoyable trip!

We went on two main hikes while we were there, one to the Narrows and the other was Overlook Point. The views were incredible and the water was so fun to play in! The babies were even neck deep. When we hiked the Narrows it took us a while to find the right place and a parking spot and to get on the shuttle. We left our cabin around 11 am but got delayed for a while and didn't make it back home until 4 or 5 pm! We had NO food and the poor kids were starving! We felt bad but they really were such champs. Ty and Levi loved the friendly squirrels and kept trying to pet them and name each one. 

Ponderosa was pretty awesome with so many activities in the actual resort to do besides hiking. Ty and Levi went to a Kids Camp two mornings from 9 am- 1 pm. They fed them, played in a neat play place, went rock climbing, rode horses, did the trampoline bungee, 4 wheeler rides, the zip line (my boys were too scared to do that one)- it was amazing and they LOVED it. It was nice to leave them there and go on a harder hike on Saturday morning. 

Traveling in the car is still hard with Shaddie. He wants to be entertained every second, wants out of his carseat and isn't interested in any shows or movies!! This was right before he colored all over his legs with markers. It was worth the 15 minutes of quiet. :)

Each of us couples took turns with one meal. We made Colombian arepas and eggs for our breakfast and TJ came prepared with all his Colombian gear. 

I was surprised the boys did so well with many of these activities!! Ty gets scared and major anxiety over so many things (it worries me at times) and then Levi is influenced by him. Makes me frustrated because they would love doing some of the things they get "scared" of. But they did so great at this Kids Camp!! Ty even rode horses and he's been scared of that lately! Levi went to the very top of the trampoline bungee!! Ty wouldn't but he figured out how to do back flips at a low spot on the tramp and did awesome! I was happy they tried new things. They kept talking about how Ty did back flips like Iron Man and Levi flew to the top like Spider-Man.

It was fun to spend time with almost the entire Allen Family! All my mom's siblings were there except Paul (they had a baby girl recently) and all the cousins except Melissa and Jared (living in NYC) and Kole and Courtney (working). All of my siblings were there so it was fun to be complete.

My mom and Aunt Lisa put together an Easter Egg Hunt in July. One for the kids and one for the adults- everyone came away with major prizes! It was pretty fun even if we got beat up in the woods fighting for eggs!

We all did the Zip Line!!

I got desperate on the drive home and let him sit in Levi's car seat for a little while he pretended he was playing the iPad. He thought it was so cool and grown up, acting and looking just like the big boys.

We tried so hard to go to church on Sunday, the last day we were there. We had to check out of our cabin by 11 am and we had definitely moved in since Wednesday- so much stuff!! But we did it and got everyone dressed and packed and was on our way to get to the Springdale church. However we had to drive through Zions and the trailer my dad had was too wide for the tunnels and my dad was about to pay the $120 fee to shut down the tunnel for us to drive through until we realized we'd be late anyways and maybe just not worth it. Blessings for trying, right?? 

It was SO nice only being about 4 hours away instead of a full on drive home. We lived the closest so we got to the cabin first and it was so nice just to relax and spend time with family. Being pregnant I get sick in the car on long drives so it was nice that it was pretty short! 
TJ especially needed the break from work and school. It rained a few times and was pleasantly cool and a hard storm came on the last day. I almost had wished I brought jackets for everyone! It rained hard enough that the power went out and so it was fun to just hang out and talk for hours. All of us couples went into the hot tub until it was overflowing and stayed up telling stories. The kids played hard so they slept hard and neither Ty or Levi had accidents- YAY!!! We came home just in time for Trishell to come spend the night with her kids since EFY was the following day for Braman and Jadee. Janae came home to our house and was also going to the same session. So the vacation continued!