Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Announcement

How we announced this pregnancy :)

Of course we took a million pics until I realized there was a glare to the chalkboard sign- ugh!! So then we moved outside and the boys were reaching their limit. Out of all of them, the one with Ty closing his eyes was really the only one that was semi good. But I guess what can I expect with three crazy boys??! And- let's be honest- most likely the fourth boy on it's way!! :)

We're NOT finding out until the baby's born!! I know, we're one of those crazies!!! But you gotta do something exciting when it's boy #4 coming. Plus, I think I'll be very disappointed and start crying at the 20 week ultrasound and feel guilty. This way, when they put him in my arms, I won't have any disappointment or guilt because I'll fall in love instantly!! My brother and his wife didn't find out with their daughter and it was one of the most exciting days ever- seriously, it was SO FUN!!!!!

I have a sister in law on my side due two weeks later and another sister in law on my husband's side due FOUR days earlier!!!! I'm so excited for this little one to have a cousin on each side so super close!!!! 

I know people think we can't resist in not finding out- but just watch and see people!!! We're DETERMINED!!!!
As long as everything is healthy and normal and safe, believe me- we're staying strong and committed!! I've already told too many people and there are people out there who don't think we can do it!!! 
Bring it on, our little Christmas baby!!!

At 9 weeks :)

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