Sunday, June 7, 2015

T Ball and Lagoon

Ty Ty started Tball with one of his good friends from school, Xander Love! They were so excited and it's so funny to watch.  I'm actually so glad we did soccer all last year because it definitely has helped Ty immensely to understand the social expectations of organized sports. He fit in perfectly well with the other kids. They had their first game on Saturday and it was quite entertaining to watch the entire team go for the ball, haha. Aunt Jessie came to watch and even gave him a lucky penny to keep in his back pocket. He took it very seriously and even cried when he lost it and Jess had to give him another one. :) It's so fun watching your kids grow up and get involved in things, even something as simple as 5 year old T ball! :)

Baseball is serious stuff.

We LOVE Aunt Jess!!

TJ's work had their annual Lagoon Day the end of May. Each year gets better and better as the boys grow up and have so much fun. We definitely had 3 little boys who wanted to ride the rides this year- Shad constantly amazes me how grown up and involved he HAS to be. Definitely not a baby anymore and he understands so much. It's so nice that USANA pays for admission and all the food- definitely makes for a fun day for the boys.

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