Monday, June 8, 2015


Even though Ty still has school for the month of June, we've been having fun doing summer stuff. Kids Village has a fun little summer program called Tracks with Max where they get to take pics doing different activities with the 26 letters of the alphabet and they get to earn pins to wear on their lanyard. They boys have loved it and keep saying, "we have to work hard to get ALL of them!! SO HARD!" We visited Aunt Jessie at EFY, who is working as a counselor there, on her birthday, finished up our soccer season, playing with Liam and Aiden (the neighbor boys) a ton, and just being outside! They play hard and crash hard!

Levi got the Best Sportsmanship award and Ty got Most Enthusiastic!

It's been so fun having Jessie and Derek living here. Derek is selling pest control in Salt Lake area for the summer and Jess comes here on weekends after her EFY session ends. The kids are loving having them here. 

We went to my ER summer party and the kids had a blast! They played on the bounce house for about 2 hours and then settled in with all their friends and popcorn to watch an outdoor movie. Pretty cute.

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