Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Camps

Last week Levi was able to do a little Superhero Camp with his cousin Lane. I figured he'd like it and it would be a good thing to do in the afternoons since it was for a whole week- holy cow, it was worth every penny! He talked about it NONSTOP and more than I have ever heard him talk about anything else before. Each day had a different theme- Batman, Avengers, Aquaman (where they wore their swimsuits and swam outside), Spiderman and Superman. Each day he had new stuff to show off that he made. He was very serious about all his superhero tools. 

Trying to contain this kid at parks is near impossible!!! He thinks he's so big and can just climb to very top and try to slide down or just lean over the edge to see how far he can look. Every Tuesday night at Ty's Tball practice is exhausting trying to watch Ty (it's just so cute to watch!) and keep Shaddie from falling to his death.

Miss Ann texted me this pic that Ty drew! It's a person riding a whale shark!! haha

We're still working on our ABC activities for school! We only have a few handful left!

Ty's school goes through the month of June and it's been SOOO nice to give him good things to do during the day. This is his last week and we're going to miss it!! His teachers are always texted me pics and every afternoon they spend outside in the sprinklers or kiddie pool. We've also implemented a new daily chore chart that is making a world of difference in our routine. I'm excited to use it from now on and so thankful to my neighbor, Kelby, for letting me totally copy her!!

Levi's cape ceremony on the last day of Superhero camp. They sang songs that they had learned and were awarded their capes :) 

Ty learned to ride his bike this past week- all on his own!!!! I'm so surprised!!! I think it's all due to the balance bike and watching kids his age ride it. His best neighbor buddy, Liam, is about 8 months older than him and gave him "instructions" on how to do it. Then Ty called me outside and had me watch while he showed me what he learned- I was so shocked! He loves riding it!!

After Ty's Tball game last Saturday we promised him we'd go buy a tee for him to practice on since he's been doing so well at practices and games. We haven't had one single problem, tear or complaint from him which is a miracle after the soccer season we just had, ha! He was so excited to get it and looked so cute when he fell asleep holding it. Later him and Derek went outside to practice. It's so fun having Derek live her during the summer, even though we hardly see him since he's working so much. 

Last Saturday, Derek and Emily watched the kids while TJ and I went to the movies and Applebees. We saw Jurassic World which I have been dying to see- I LOVED it!! It was so good! TJ thought it was okay but I know I loved it so much because my brothers and I grew up watching Jurassic Park. We played it on the playground at school and on the trampoline at home. It was totally apart of our childhood and I loved the references to it in the new movie!!! I felt like it was 1993 again! :) 

We also celebrated that my morning sickness (all-day-sickness) is gone!! Once again, it was basically an overnight switch. I feel like a new person and life is so much more glorious! Can't believe it was 8 weeks straight and so glad it's over!! This was definitely my longest and sickest morning sickness although I didn't even throw up once. 

Last week I volunteered at Cub Scout Camp for one session as the medical person on staff. It was fun to see our boys but I didn't get to hang out with them much since I had to stay in my little make-shift hospital :) For 7 hours I sat here! I wanted to test out the cot so bad and take a little nap! I was grateful to Ruth who watched the boys. 

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