Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Soccer Camp

Last week was Ty's last day of riding the bus!! Miss Shalay and Miss Angie have been absolutely amazing and so good to Ty. We got so lucky to have them. They let Ty play on their phones in the mornings sometimes, got him a birthday present, let him check off the kids that got on each morning and provided a pillow so he could sleep every afternoon. After meeting them, I had absolutely no fears with send Ty with them every morning. I knew without a doubt that he was safe and even loved. We sure will miss them!!

Ty was able to participate in Handstands for Goals again, a free soccer camp for autistic kids, run by all volunteers, the majority of them teenage kids. Ty was paired up with Hannah again for his 1:1 buddy! We were SO happy since he had her last year and she totally remembered him! She is SO good with Ty and just the sweetest, most kindest girl. I just watch her interact with him and my heart just bursts and I want so badly to somehow, teach my kids to grow up and be an amazing teenager like her. 

The camp is all the way in SLC but it's so worth it and I like supporting things like this. Plus Ty gets a free Tshirt, Nike soccer ball, water bottle and tons of snacks, stickers and treats. It really is so impressive how it's such nicely organized chaos. Ty did 10x better than he did last year and I'm so glad we've done soccer this past year. He's understanding organized sports- the social behavior part, which he didn't get before. These type of things are SO good for him and he just continues to build off each one. He came home and kept practicing outside, which he's never done before. She was teaching him how to be goalie and so he had Levi shoot the ball towards him as he "defended" his goal by squatting so low to the ground he was practically sitting :) He worships the ground Hannah walks on and it's so just cute to see the relationship between. So good for both of them :)

His good friend, Kale, was also there doing it so it was fun for them to see each other again since they go to different schools now.  

They have a secret handshake that they did about 50 times each day. :)

 I told him Dad showed up and this was how he looked for him :)

Playing with the big kids!!

 One of the games they play- where the alligator tries to eat the ball.

Dancing in the rain- they sprayed the kids off with a giant hose at the end of the second day :)

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