Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Running Day

TJ, Ginger, Curtiss and I all got the crazy idea to try running a 10K, way before any of us thought we'd be pregnant. Well, last weekend we did it, with Ginger and I both 12 weeks along. None of us stopped!! That was our goal at least and we made it. It was tough, not going to lie. I drastically cut down the intensity of my workouts at the gym since I've been sick but have still been going. I definitely felt it during the race- it was tough!!!! I think I pushed a little too hard as well but overall, I was glad I did it. Someday I'd like to do one not pregnant and really see my results. By the end I could care less who passed me, I just wanted to be DONE. And normally I care down to the very last second, haha. I wasn't feeling the greatest and didn't feel ready and chubby. But we made it through! That night though, I crashed. I was so sick from it. And the next day all of us were SO sore- every muscle in my entire body ached, it was crazy!

Ty, Levi, Shad, Lawson and Parker did the Utah Valley Kids' 1K. They were so excited to race and Ty and Parker actually did pretty good! It was funny watching them come across the finish line. They were just excited to get their medal and popsicle. 

We ran into my co-worker, Ramona, at the kids' race. Her son, Jett, and Shad are about 2 months apart but Jett has always been HUGE! Like 5-7 lbs bigger than Shaddie so we always like to take pictures to compare :)

It's fun to see the progress on the Provo Tabernacle turning into the Provo Temple!! So amazing!! When I was running I just kept telling myself to run towards the temple, it'll all be over once we reach the temple!

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