Saturday, June 27, 2015

Last Day of Preschool

These boys live for eating popsicles outside. And Shaddie has to be right there with them. 

The boys will play together for hours and it's soooo nice when Shad is sleeping because I can totally work on my things and they are just playing together so well. This was when they were playing school and Ty was the teacher, reading a book to Levi. They didn't notice me watching- so funny to hear them play!

I was talking to Ty's teachers for a few minutes when I was picking Ty up from school last week and came back to Shad having a bloody nose and the police man out of his car seat and passed out on the floor of the van, ha. 

For the past year I've been slowing work on getting us completely water storage prepared. Last week one of my final things to get was a filtration bucket and I went to pick it up from a guy in Saratoga Springs who put it together for me. They lived right on the shore of Utah Lake so Levi and I went to check out the docks. So crazy how big it is and it's just a lake! I'm definitely still an AZ girl- mesmerized by bodies of water :)

A common sight- the 3 boys playing on the trampoline, often in their underwear. I'm waiting for the day that Shad will fall off and break his arm!! 

We are right in the middle of weaning from the soft sippy cup to a hard top one. Shad loves to bite the nipple part and make the hole bigger so the milk just dumps out and makes a huge mess. He is SO particular about his sippies!!! It's awful!!

Ty's last day of Giant Steps Preschool was June 25th, 2015! Can't believe the year is over- we were so lucky and blessed to be in Miss Katie's classroom and apart of the program!! We'll miss it so much!

He had some amazing teachers- Courtney, Nick, Ann, Brooke, Kaitlin and of course, Miss Katie!

I opened Levi's summer workbook that we do two pages out of daily and Ty had filled this out- I was quite impressed!! His school had him memorize our address and my phone number! 

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