Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day

Father's Day was simple but great this year. The boys had so much fun picking out new sunglasses for TJ at Costco and kept saying things like, "Dad, there's nothing hiding under this blanket!" and "We're just acting normal!" haha. We had biscuits and gravy for breakfast and then went to Guy and Ruth's new house for dinner that night. They recently moved to a new house that has some land so it was fun to see it all and hear their plans for it. 

My cousin, Sheila and her husband Kyle are moving to Montana so it was fun to get together to say goodbye and see little Clair. Ty really liked holding her and they kept saying, "she's a girl because she has a bow."

These boys literally do everything together....they thought it was SO cool they could both go at the SAME TIME!

Trying to get a Father's Day picture with Grandpa Guy was pretty much futile! Guess that's what 1 pm church does to three grumpy kids. 

Ty was so excited to match Shaddie :)

Shaddie doesn't watch any movies or shows yet- has zero interest and the attention span of a goldfish- but lately he's been sitting there pretending to watch for a few seconds just because the other boys are doing it. 

My view everyday at the gym when I'm waiting for my turn to come get the boys. Shaddie always sees me first and runs and grabs the other boys. It's entertaining to watch him communicate that mom's here!!

Yesterday we went to Lindon Pool, one of our favorite pools to go to since it's so kid friendly. The boys loved the lazy river- we would just go around over and over. It's so nice this year that Shad is kinda afraid of the water and sticks right to me. I just got to sit on the edge and watch the older boys play in the pirate pool with Shaddie right beside me. It was actually pretty relaxing and the perfect weather. The only downside is that Levi always gets so cold so fast even on blazing hot days- drives me crazy. Hopefully he fattens up one of these days.

I'm surprised by how much more comfortable Ty has gotten with the water this past year. He now loves standing under the giant buckets that fill up and dump water over when they get full- he used to HATE those. I only have him wear the floaties just when I'm by myself- he's pretty safe in the shallow water and is smart about it. He's also very conscientious about the lifeguards- he calls them the policemen of the swimming pool. :)

He was so cold so I had him lay down on the hot cement- I know AZ people are thinking I'm crazy but this is Utah; the cement is nice and warm. :) Before I knew it, he fell asleep like this. Once again, my child that can sleep anywhere. 

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