Tuesday, June 9, 2015

End of an Era

May 29th, 2015 was my last day of work at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and in the ER!!! The middle of May I just felt a strong feeling that it was time to done since TJ's last year of grad school is so intense (this summer he has night class M, T, W, and TH!! He's gone from 6 am- 11 pm) and baby #4 was coming. It just made sense and felt right, especially since we'll be moving next spring anyways. I've been so sick and tired that working nights was even tougher and the kids are so busy with activities as well. I started in 2008 on the 3rd floor when I was single and just got home from my mission. I worked on that step down ICU/dialysis floor for 3.5 years (including the Clinical Educator desk job) until I came down to the ER (my love and passion!) in January 2012. I charged both floors, had multiple responsibilities and made soooo many wonderful friends!!! That's what I'm going to miss the most- seeing people who I've come to love!! It was hard at times for sure but so worth it. I'm so glad TJ and I stuck with it the past 7 years!!! What cherished memories and good skills and experience I gained! Also having 3 kids through it all and carrying insurance for 5 years of it and putting TJ through school- this career has blessed our lives over and over!! 

Everyone was so good to me my last shift there- they got me a goodbye cake and card for my "retirement party." So sweet of them and I felt so loved!!! I have a million memories as I walked through the halls- I've spent countless hours in that building and it will always be a special place!!! It also was a crazy last shift- I ended up staying almost 3 hours later because of the chaos! I also got a drop of blood splashed in my eye from a Hep C patient so now I have 3 month and 6 month blood testing follow ups- nothing like going out with a bang!!!

I'm so grateful for the time I've spent here and the decision I made at 14 years old to become a nurse. It's impacted my life for good and has made me a better mother and person as I felt like I was getting paid to serve others even when I was sick and tired myself. I'll never completely leave nursing- just taking a little break until baby #4 gets here and until we move onto our next place in life!!!

I'm especially grateful to TJ who has supported me through it all and never once complained about when I left or needed to sleep. It also was so gratifying to finally reach our goal to become PRN after Shad was born. I know nursing was what I was supposed to do and grateful for Heavenly Father for leading the way and helping me along every step of the way. :)

Last time driving this route to work!!

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