Wednesday, June 17, 2015


On Tuesday June 9, 2015, TJ's grandma passed away at home surrounded by her husband and six kids. She had been battling cancer for the past 14 months and it's been tough watching her slowly succumb to it. Yet it was also a blessing to be able to be prepared for the end to come and have a chance to say goodbye. The day before she died, the hospice nurse said she had about 24 hours left and TJ left work and was able to spend a few hours with her saying goodbye and just being by her side. She wasn't talking anymore and was not coherent but I know it helped TJ immensely to have that chance. 
I only knew her for a short six years and we couldn't communicate very well since she knew very limited English (and obviously, I don't know Spanish fluently) but I always felt her love and acceptance and absolutely LOVED her cooking, especially when it was Colombian food!! So delicious!
The funeral was very nice and you definitely walked away from it with a feeling of what a kind and loving woman she was who loved everyone and served all she could. Her specialty was serving with food and she loved to cook for anybody and everybody. TJ was asked (by her before she died) to be a speaker and he did a great job just reflecting on her life and the type of lady she was. She's the perfect example of the person the apostles refer to when they speak about people that don't have prominent callings or very notable lives; they just go about quietly doing good and serving all. My favorite part was after the funeral they had a Mariachi band playing! It was just the perfect touch and made it so unique and specific to Abuelita. 
It was a sad day since she was only 76 years old and left behind a husband who had already lost his first wife but also a happy one since she's not suffering anymore and we know we'll see her again. 

TJ and his mom, Ruth 

Shad had major diarrhea and went through all the clothes and diapers I had in the diaper bag (that's why he's wearing plaid, un-matching shorts). It leaked onto my skirt so I could smell the diarrhea the whole entire funeral and made my already-so-sick-morning-sickness 10x worse. I'm smiling here because we got to go eat next and I was starving and sick :)

TJ's aunt (Abuelita's sister). She's a sweet lady.

We love you Abuelita!

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