Wednesday, May 27, 2015


These boys LOVED swimming- they swam multiple times a day and just couldn't get enough. My mom tried to take them to the zoo but each time they wanted to swim instead. I let them swim right before we left to head home, as I was finishing up packing, and Ty was bawling his eyes out because he didn't want to leave the swimming pool :) 

Derek, Jordy, Nae and Tan were so good to them, always willing to take them out and swim with them. They each got their first sunburn though....oops. They also played for hours in the little plastic pool on the lawn, with their "hovercraft" my mom got them, with these giant squirt guns, in the sprinklers and at the high school pool during Janae's end of the year track team party. We went through clothes like crazy! But they had so much fun and I love how much they love just being at my childhood home. :)

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