Saturday, May 9, 2015


Ty and I had such a great little trip to San Diego and Legoland. It was totally worth all the planning and "taking bites" all year long. It was so fun for just some 1:1 time with Ty- he lived it up!!! He was so perfectly well-behaved and listened to almost everything I said to a T! We had a few little issues but he got over it quickly and calmed down. He also missed Levi a lot and kept talking about how much Levi would love this or what surprise he was going to buy for Levi with his own money :)

We flew into San Diego Monday afternoon, rented a car and saw a few things in Old Town. We went to the new, re-done Mormon Battalion site which was awesome! Very interactive and Ty liked it, especially panning for gold! We had dinner at a mexican restaurant there and then went and saw the San Diego Temple. We were supposed to stay with my friend who I use to work with, Stacie, but long story short, the key wasn't the right one under the mat and she didn't get off work until 2200. So we drove up to Carlsbad that night and found a hotel there. The next morning we went out for breakfast, checked into the hotel and waited for the park to open (Ty woke up at 5 am both days since we were an hour ahead :). There was plenty to do inside the hotel- it was amazing!!! Then we went to Legoland all day, went swimming in the hotel pool, played in our super cool room, I took a nap, and watched TV. After the parked closed, the hotel provides activities for the kids and is so entertaining. It really was a luxury hotel and definitely worth the money even though it was expensive. The hotel itself totally made the trip. Legoland was fun but definitely not like Disneyland. One day was plenty and it really is geared for younger kids. I felt Ty was the perfect age for it. I bet after 10 years old the kid would get bored easy.
Anyways, right as the park was closing,  I (somehow) convinced Ty to go on one of the roller coasters. The first big drop he started screaming and crying but by the time another one came, he abruptly stop crying and started laughing. He looked up at me through the tears and said, "Mom!! That tickled my bum bum!!" After we got off he said it was SO much fun and felt very grown up.

Even though it was windy and cloudy the whole time we were there, it was the perfect time to go because there were hardly any lines and I bet we never waited longer than 5 minutes. Many of the rides we just walked right up and got on. 

Wednesday morning we enjoyed the huge, free breakfast buffet, played in our room, checked out and then went to the Sea Life Aquarium attached to Legoland. Then we drove down to San Diego, went to the beach and just waited for our flight home. TJ had things perfectly under control at home and followed all my directions perfectly. He took Levi to preschool, speech, went to parent training, cleaned the whole house, shampooed the carpets, and checked off every single item on the to-do list!! He's the best!!

The hotel and park had legos EVERYWHERE. In every line you waited in, the kids could play with legos they had set up. In our room was a big box full of them. It was pretty cool. 


Everything was made of legos- it was pretty crazy of the things they made!!!

Pretty proud of his Happy Birthday button they gave him :)

He had a small tantrum because he didn't want to go inside and watch the 4D movie- I made him go (hence the tantrum) and he LOVED it so much we came back for another showing later on. 

My mom sent him money for his birthday to buy whatever he wanted while on his trip. I assumed he'd buy a giant lego set but his absolute favorite thing that he got with his money was this ten dollar Chima sword. He slept with it, keeps it in the back of his shirt (which stretches out all the necks) and pulls it out a million times a day to fight the bad guys. He was SO excited to buy a Ninjago one for Levi and couldn't keep the surprise and had to facetime to tell him about it. They each have been inseparable with their swords ever since. 

This face is how he looked on every single ride :)

He loves Star Wars for some reason, even though he's never even seen the show or movies. He's always asking me what R2D2 and C3PO are called and mixes up the letters and numbers :)

The pictures don't do the room justice- it was pretty cool!! And so nice that there was a separate kids room from the parents with a TV that had limited channels. You could chose a Pirate themed room or Adventure or Kingdom and each were on different floors.

There was a scavenger hunt for the kids and once they figured out the secret code, they could come back to their rooms and use the code to open the treasure chest. Inside were two little lego mini figures that you could trade with employees throughout the park and hotel. 

Ty touched a starfish!! I was so surprised he did it!!

The shark tunnel was Ty's favorite.

This diver could talk to the kids as he was feeding the stingrays- it was kinda cool!

Ty's first time to the beach (that he could remember) and he LOVED it, even though it was windy and cold. The weather kinda messed up our plans because we were supposed to spend all afternoon at the beach but instead played for an hour in our clothes, just sticking our feet in since it was so cold! It's San Diego!! It's always supposed to be warm!! Lame. But I was glad he had such fun there and can't wait to go back when it's nice and warm and let the kids play. 

Ty missed Levi so much and vice versa. I felt bad not taking Levi on this trip but Ty earned it. It's just so cute how much they love each each. They facetimed each other each night. :)

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