Saturday, May 2, 2015

Birthday Boy!

 Ty turned 5 on Friday!! 
He had such a great day and was so excited! It's so fun as they get older and start to get things. So fun! I wanted to keep things very simple because we're going to Legoland next week but it turned out to be more than I expected, ha, but it was easy and fun and he was in heaven. 
He woke up to just some decorations and balloons (from Dollar Store) and then went to school for the day. His bus drivers were so nice and thoughtful and got him a little treat since Ty has been talking about this day coming up for weeks. Miss Angie and Shalay are so good to him- I'm so grateful for them this year. 
I met Ty at school in the afternoon to bring his birthday treats. He chose the same thing he's chosen for three years- storebought Lofthouse cookies, ha. I try to convince him I'll bring something yummy and homemade but he always wants the same thing :)
I took him home early from school and he came home and played for a while until we met TJ at Cafe Rio for dinner, where he ate 3 quesadillas! :) 
Afterwards we came home and the two neighbor boys, Liam and Aiden, and Parker and Lawson came over for cake and ice cream and to open a present from Mom and Dad, one from Shad and Levi, a card from Parker and a card from Grandma Wengert with money to spend at Legoland. It was perfect and he was in heaven. Afterwards, Mamita took him and Parker and Levi to Target to pick out a few toys. It was a perfect little bday night and he's SO excited to be FIVE!

Ty's been talking about having a Lego/Shark birthday for months! Since we weren't having a party because of Legoland I got just a few plates and wrapping paper with sharks on it. I've always wanted to try to do fondant on cakes so I used Ty's bday as an excuse to figure it out and try it. You can do anything with Youtube! The cake turned out okay- definitely homemade and you could tell it was only my second fondant cake but it was really fun to make and honestly, not that much work. I really like fondant because you can do so much in advance and a little at a time. I'm excited to keep practicing! 
I found a little shark shirt on clearance at Old Navy and added a iron on 5 to it that I had in my closet. I also, surprisingly,  had bought some shark flip flops from Children's Place that was on clearance from a while ago. You would've thought it was made of gold- he was so excited to wear his "birthday outfit."

Birthday treats for his class

He still LOVES Iron Man. On his birthday crown at school, they wrote on it, "Happy Birthday Ty! (aka Iron Man :)"

I thought the kids might like cupcakes instead of fondant cake but these edible cupcake toppers were gross and did not work!! Don't ever buy Transformer Rescue Bots ones from a lady from Canada on Etsy!! :)

Grandma Wengert always sends the coolest cards and presents!!

These boys LOVE our neighbors, Liam and Aiden. Our boys go back and forth from house to house on a daily basis. Their mom, Kelby, is so good to my boys too and we all have a lot in common. She'll frequently feed them lunch and yesterday even mowed our lawn!!! We're lucky to have such great neighbors :)

I have a new respect for professional cake decorators- how do they do it??!!

So excited for everyone to sing Happy Birthday to him!

It was Miss Ashley's birthday too!

Parker's card was the best- Ginger wrote what Parker wanted to say inside:
"Buy something with this money. You are fun and crazy and lets go swimming with Ty and Levi and your dad and my dad and have a sleepover with Ty and Levi. You love me." 

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