Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jordan's Graduation

We had frequent flier miles that had been adding up over several years and we finally decided to use them for Jordan's graduation since I really did not want to make the drive by myself again with the three boys (TJ had work/school- the usual :). It was so nice to fly, even though Shad was pretty tricky, but we made it and the older boys were perfect and so excited to fly on the airplane. I got tons of stares all throughout the airport and lots of "you're so brave" and "you've got your hands full", blah blah blah, as if no one ever flies alone with kids. Good thing the flight is only an hour- I couldn't do it for longer than that with Shaddie who just wanted to get down and run!!

It was such a good trip!!! Nothing too exciting, besides Jordy's graduation. The boys swam multiple times a day, each got their first sunburn (I'm an awesome mom), tons of playing outside and just relaxing and hanging out. It was so great and nice to be there for a whole week. I loved having my kids bond with my siblings and they are SO good with my kids. It was awesome and total payback. 

Jordan graduated as #9 in her class out of 250+ kids. She did awesome!! It was fun to be there. The actual ceremony was a little tricky with the little kids but we made it through! We didn't get home until 11 pm so it was quite the feat! We were able to sit on the track in the handicapped section since my grandma was there and my mom has the hook ups so we parked super close too- definitely nice to have some perks after having a kid at the high school for the past 16 years. We were able to home way earlier than we should've and not have to sit in standstill traffic. Overall, the kids did really well and we had lots of drinks and snacks to keep them occupied. Every time we had something like a graduation we curse the W in our last name since we're always last and it takes foreverrrrrr. :) But it was still fun being there as a family and for Jordy!! 

Three boys who were DONE at 11 pm!

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