Tuesday, April 14, 2015

St. George Triathlon

30th Birthday St. George Triathlon

When fall/winter of last year came, I realized how my time in the twenties was quickly fading!!! So I decided I wanted to DO something crazy/fun/memorable for my 30th to help me not feel so weird about entering the world of the thirties and feeling OLD. At first I was set on sky-diving but two things stopped me: I've already been before and this wouldn't be a true bucket-list accomplishment (I went with my cousin, Nathan, shortly after I got home from my mission). I also didn't want to DIE and leave my children behind :) So I decided on something I've always wanted to do- a triathlon! 

I started going to the gym 3-5 times a week last August and have (very) slowly gotten back into shape. I'm amazed at how little it took over a long period of time- consistency is definitely the key. Plus, I really enjoy the free 90 minute day care! Over the last 9 months, I've just built the gym time into my schedule, making it just apart of what we do. It's been great for Shad, who now doesn't even glance at me or shed a tear when I leave. Anyways, I'm now up to running 7 miles an hour on the treadmill (while watching a movie in the cinema! my favorite!) and swimming a 500m easy. I've swam for about 30-45 min only once a week and just that little bit has gotten me back into swimming shape. I'm amazed it only took so little chunks of time. 

Diving into the water to start the 400m swim!
There were about 215 people who raced. We each lined up and waited for an individual lane to swim in. I was happy about that because I wanted to do flip turns to speed up time.

Ginger and I waited for over an hour to swim!! TJ and Curtiss and the boys all were so good and patient waiting for us!!

Running onto the biking part after the swim. 

Loading up the morning of the race! I was nervous just because I hadn't done one before and wasn't sure what to expect. It was WAY fun doing it with someone and Ginger is one of my very favorite people to hang out with. We can talk for hours!

We also did a lot of swimming- Ty and Levi were in heaven!!

This was a picture for Aunt Jessie since she served her mission in England.

So...funny story!! Actually, kind of a disappointing story!! :) I had only gotten my bike the week before and rode it for the first time ever the morning before the race! And by that, I mean circled it around the driveway to make sure I knew how to change gears. So obviously, I was NOT prepared for the biking part AT ALL but felt super ready for the running and swimming. I was hoping I would make up lost time of biking during the swimming and running. 
Triathlons are a little confusing (if you're not an expert at them) because there are two transition stations. At each transition, you strategically place what you need for the next event. Sounds dumb but you do have to think about where to put your shoes, shorts, helmet, etc. Ginger and I didn't exactly study the course out super well either, like experts do. While we were in line, we were counting laps to make sure we knew exactly how many to do, haha. So I think we both kinda knew we needed to do two loops of both biking and running but I was mainly following the people in front of me. When I finished the first biking loop, the lady directed me to where to hang up my bike and so I just followed her directions, thinking how that wasn't bad at all!! 10 miles biking went super fast!! I honestly had no idea how long or how to gage 10, 5 or even 1 mile on the bike! I was clueless. I felt like I was flying super fast so figured the miles went by fast???
I then started the running part (crazy how it doesn't matter how many miles you're up to running, your legs feel like bricks and so hard to move them!!) and almost died when I had to circle the loop and repeat it. When I crossed the finish line TJ and Curtiss and the boys weren't there yet which I thought was weird. I had to go get my phone to text him. I also had taken my chip off since (again, dumb and inexperienced) I thought it was only for swimming?? So the guy had to manually figure out my times. That added to the confusion.
Anyways, it didn't take long for me to realize, I only did one loop of the biking!!! I was so bummed!! I felt like I didn't truly finish it!! I was first place out of everyone, haha! So I had to tell the guy what happened and he marked me down as DNF (did not finish)- so SAD!!!!
But I still LOVED it and think I have found my new hobby (in between kids). I hope to do another one soon (the WHOLE thing ;) and do my best to keep in running/swimming/biking shape all the time. My swimming was 7:50, one loop of the biking was 22 minutes and my running was 25 minutes. I definitely was one of the top fastests in my age group for swimming and running- it was just biking that held me back, which I knew would happen. So, TJ and I figured if I doubled the biking and added a few minutes since I'd be tired, we guess that my overall time would've been about 1 hour and 22 minutes, give or take. This would've put me about number 5 or 6 in my age group! Ginger got 8th in our age group- she did awesome, especially since swimming isn't her strong point. 

Anyways, I was so glad I did it and so grateful for TJ for driving 3.5 hours to St. George for 2 days to support me and for Ginger and Curtiss letting us stay in their family's condo. It was a super fun weekend and memorable birthday trip. They even babysat our kids so we could go out on Saturday night. We went to this local Italian Restaurant that had the chef, Chef Alfredo, announce the specials and suckered me into getting the seafood alfredo (which was delicious, by the way!!) and also cost $28 a plate!! I always do that!!!! At least it was my birthday dinner, haha. It was a great, short little trip, perfect to end up our nice Spring Break!

Love this picture!!!

Ginger snuck this picture- so cute!!

The boys slept almost the entire drive home- it was so nice!!

Boys everywhere!! Watching a Redbox that we got for them while we went out on our date :)

Somehow, we lost the only sippy we brought and so I ran to Walmart to get a new one. Shad is so picky and stubborn and will only take this Nuk brand with the silicone nipple. Drives me crazy since we have a cupboard full of different ones. Anyways, I ran into buy one and the entire wall was full of the pink ladybug ones and no blue turtles!!! So Shaddie is now stuck with a pink sippy until we lose it and buy sippy #495.

This was at the gym today..... tomorrow is my last day being able to arrow down to 2-9!

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